New Poll Shows Overturning of Roe V Wade Helping GOP: Having Major Effects On Where Young Democrats Live

A new poll, conducted by Axios/Generation Lab, shows how the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has affected Americans between the ages of 18 and 29. A variety of questions were asked related to pregnancy, but one finding showed two out of three young adults said abortion rights will be a deciding factor in where they choose to live going forward.

The ramifications of the High Court’s decision appear to be strong. Only around 25 percent of those polled said abortion restrictions had no effect on where they chose to reside. That means 75 percent of Young Americans will be choosing a location, at least somewhat, based on the right to receive an abortion.

Stands to reason most left-leaning young Americans will choose to live in cities and states which are already heavily Democratic in their politics. Liberals likely won’t flock to red areas of the country — contrary to certain views on the state of Texas and how it’s turning blue.

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Another poll conducted by Axios earlier this year backs up this hypothesis. The poll was titled, “Where college students want to move,” and showed Seattle as the most desired location for new graduates — along with New York, Los Angeles, Denver, and Boston. All blue cities of course, in mostly Democrat-run states.

While some cities on the list are located in red states like Austin, Dallas, and Phoenix– they are outranked by larger cities within liberal states. The findings, however, show Austin, Texas is more popular with young Republicans than with Democrats — meaning a more youthful population moving to the city will likely have little effect on statewide voting habits.

Assuming most pro-choice young adults are left-leaning on other major issues, these statistics only make the big cities more of a cesspool for radical political tenants, which will have larger ramifications for the country down the line.

It will, however, keep them from moving to more conservative areas of the nation, and from infiltrating them with divisive progressive ideology.

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