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Sarah Palin, the former Governor and current candidate for Alaska’s at-large district, has officially advanced into the next rounds of her election bid to Congress.

DCE had previously cited the election results for Alaska’s Senate race, and there is now a top-four primary slate of candidates, according to the state’s new voting measure implemented back in 2020. The House electoral situation is still slightly different from the case of Alaska’s Senate contest, however, despite the new rules change being applied.

Don Young, a Republican who served Alaska’s only Congressional District for 49 years, passed away on March 18th, 2022. A special general and primary election was required, which ensued last night.

Palin brings an array of qualities to the table, including a highly decorated career track record as an outspoken conservative, her role as a mother of five, and an America First seal of approval from Former President Donald Trump.

Furthermore, a bulletin on Palin’s campaign site quotes Trump saying, “Sarah Palin is tough and smart and will never back down, and I am proud to give her my Complete and Total Endorsement.”

If Palin is able to secure a victory in the November General Election, she will serve as Alaska’s first Congresswoman.

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She runs alongside fellow Republican Nick Begich and Democrat Mary Peltola — and Peltola beat both of her Republican counterparts. It is noteworthy though, that she came in only 4 points above Palin.

Begich’s father, Nicholas Begich Sr.(D), served as Alaska’s Congressman from 1970-72 until he disappeared, having been presumed dead in a small plane crash.

Following Begich Sr.’s death, Alaska’s Congressional seat — which he won but didn’t survive to serve in — was up for grabs in a special election, and later won by Don Young (the deceased Congressman these candidates are running to replace.)

Begich Jr. also pledged to accept the outcome of the election, but still claimed he was not pleased with the new system being implemented statewide.

The system, which allows for multiple candidates to appear on the ballot, favors party-switching strategies that many on the left have employed in an attempt to water down the Republican Party. Palin went a step further in her dislike of the new design calling it a “newfangled, weirdo voting system.”

Time will tell as the nation approaches the height of election season in the coming weeks. Go vote.