Effort To Recall Soros-Funded DA Meets Signature Threshold, Recall Could Happen In November

Los Angeles County’s “failed district attorney” George Gascón received bad news this past weekend when Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean Logan announced that the recall effort against him had received over 700,000 signatures — well beyond the necessary 566,000 needed to force another vote.

Gascón comes from a long line of soft-on-crime Democratic prosecutors, funded by progressive liberal billionaire George Soros.

Like several other Soros-funded lawyers, the California attorney has allowed his jurisdiction to be ransacked by lawlessness the likes of which include: looting, riots, rampant homelessness, drug use, and brazen violent crime.

As a result, many of Gascón’s own colleagues are not supportive of his policies, according to The Washingon Examiner.

“After Boudin was recalled in San Francisco, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva called Gascon a ‘failed district attorney’ and also criticized him in a discussion with us at our Los Angeles symposium.” the article reads. “The Association of Deputy District Attorneys, the union representing the 1,000 attorneys who work for Gascon, has filed two lawsuits against him.”

Crime is reportedly up significantly in Los Angeles since his election in 2020. The data is startling:



“As of May, crime has exploded in Los Angeles compared with when Gascon was elected in 2020: Homicides, up 33.9 percent, Robbery up 17.7 percent, Aggravated assaults, up 18.5 percent, Burglary, up 5.6 percent, Grand theft auto, up 34.7 percent, and Gun violence, up 64.5 percent — arrests are also are down 20.8 percent as a result of Gascón’s agenda,” The Heritage Foundation reports.

“When criminals know they won’t face the full force of law, crime runs rampant,” Heritage’s article read.

County Cleark Logan’s announcement recorded a raw count of 715,833 unique signatures. These signatures will need to be reviewed and verified no later than August 17th, which would set up the recall vote for early November, per the Washington Examiner.

If 50 percent of the voters go against Gascón, his reign could be over. Whether it will happen remains to be seen. The numbers look incriminating — a city without laws is no city at all. And LA looks like the exact opposite of a well-run operation.

Liberal Los Angeles County has the opportunity to save itself if it just votes in its own interest — by picking a tough-on-crime prosecutor in place of the anything-goes mentality favored by the modern-day Democratic Party.

Voters have two choices. Continue on this road to ruin, or restore law and order and repair the public trust. It may sound simple, but in California, simple can turn chaotic very quickly.

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