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Americans are increasingly worried student loan forgiveness will increase inflation, a new CNBC-Momentive poll finds.

“Amid ongoing record-high inflation, student loan forgiveness may take a backseat: 59% of Americans are concerned that student loan forgiveness will make inflation worse. This sentiment remains true across most demographic groups.” The poll claims.

“Republicans are especially concerned: 81% of Republicans say student loan forgiveness will make inflation worse, nearly double the number of Democrats who say the same (41%)”

These numbers indicate what we already knew — Americans are skeptical of Government handouts and free goodies.  Americans are also learning the economy is not an automated machine.

When the federal government acts irresponsibly, inflation increases. That has been the story of the last year and a half under the Biden administration.  Our nation misses President Trump, who stood for every American and their economic well-being.


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Americans are, by and large, America First, after all. Our nation does not support the Democrat agenda — which is latent socialism masquerading as capitalism. We prefer lower taxes and less government spending to fulfilling the pipe dreams of the liberal elites.

After all, many voters worked hard to pay off their student loans. They labored and toiled, sometimes working multiple jobs to guarantee their future. Those Americans should not be footing the bill for the American collegiate class as a whole — many of whom received useless degrees they had no intention of paying off.

More importantly, Americans who decided not to attend college should not be footing the bill for the collegiate class at all. Many of these individuals who declined college served in our military, attended trade schools, or contributed to society in other ways. They should not be penalized by what essentially amounts to a wealth redistribution scheme for the upper and middle class — who make up a sizable portion of those who graduated from college.

Biden is destroying our country with his socialist and utopian schemes. 2022 and 2024 could be a referendum on his party’s entire public policy. Americans have the opportunity to make their country great again.