Supporters Rally Behind Andrew Tate After Left Tries to Cancel Him

Andrew Tate, an outspoken figure and advocate for men’s masculinity, has been almost completely removed from every mainstream social media platform. Following his rise in notoriety for speaking out against Western Society’s woke culture, he quickly came under heavy scrutiny from those considered most politically correct.

The former professional kickboxer has also spoken out loudly about the man’s responsibility to lead the household and the family unit. He implied that the woman should obey the man because it is inherently natural among humans for the alpha to take command.

After around a month of growing outrage from feminists and social justice warriors (SJW’S,) the name-brand social media platforms banded together as a collective to remove him from the public social space. Tate even lost his platform on Instagram, which contained no political or cultural commentary on his views.

Ironically, famous figures such as Cardi B and others – people who have shared wholly unethical, immoral, and sometimes illegal stories about their past – have come away completely unscathed from the social media conglomerates. Many have referenced Cardi B’s video that surfaced back in 2019, in which the rap star talked about how before she rose to fame, she would invite men into hotel rooms, drug them, and subsequently rob them of their money. However, the rapper faced no public outcry from feminists, SJW’s, social media giants, or anyone that leads the woke mob, for that matter.


Western values like freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government are all being withered away. Those Americans who hold views that don’t particularly align with the ideals of the woke mob are immediately doxxed, canceled, and even physically attacked at times.

When it comes to Andrew Tate’s unfiltered remarks on men’s masculinity, women’s role to follow the lead of their male counterparts, and his other views on society, those attributes weren’t the main things that made him attractive to his fanbase. Instead, it was the Left’s persecution of him that rallied his supporters. Often when Leftists try to cancel people they disagree with, supporters rally, as they did with Andrew Tate.

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