Supreme Court Hears Case On Chemical Abortion: Brings To Light Major Problems With FDA-Approved Drug

Last month, the Supreme Court heard a case regarding the United States Food and Drug Administration v. the Alliance of Hippocratic Medicine to determine whether or not mifepristone, a drug used in chemical abortion, should remain in use. 

According to ADF, one in 25 women who receive the pill will need to go to the emergency room. Not to mention, ER visits related to chemical abortion are on the rise. 

In 2016, the reporting requirements for adverse events were revised so that non-fatal adverse reactions no longer needed to be reported. The number of in-person visits was also cut from 3 to 1. 

Later, in 2021, the in-person consultation was removed entirely, allowing the pills to be mailed. According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, the removal of the in-person consultation was originally temporary, but later that year, it was made permanent. 

Erin Hawley, Senior Counsel at ADF, explained to MSNBC, "This case is not about access. The only thing that is an issue, in this case, is whether women who choose to take mifepristone will take it according to the protections that just a few years ago the FDA called both necessary and minimally burdensome." 

"When we look at the FDA's own numbers, we know that one in 25 women go to the emergency room. We know that up to seven percent of them require surgical intervention for either bleeding or an ongoing pregnancy," Hawley explained. "That's not a small number of women. Especially when you factor in nearly 650 million women take chemical abortion drugs each year."

Democrats and pro-abortion activists are growing increasingly concerned over the case and what it might mean for the future of abortion. Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) went on Morning Joe and blamed Trump, "These are the Trump-appointed justices, a number of them, that got us into this mess in the first place by overturning Roe v. Wade. And this is a natural outcome. They said they wanted to give it back to the states, and well, guess what - it's coming right back to this court. And now you have a situation where challenges are being made to the FDA's authority." 

Republicans in red states are weighing in on the issue, too. In Texas, State Representative Brian Harrison (R) spoke out on the issue, saying, "Even though the Supreme Court has decided that abortion laws should be left to the states and the people's elected representatives, unelected bureaucrats at Biden's FDA have taken action to effectively create a back door nationwide legalization of abortion by allowing dangerous abortion drugs by mail." 

"The same hyper-regulatory FDA that banned mothers from importing safe formula for starving babies, hit distilleries with crushing taxes for making hand sanitizer during the pandemic, and kept safe COVID

treatments from patients is now disingenuously acting 'deregulatory' on abortion pills to further their political goals. I'm proud to join the fight for the Supreme Court to protect babies, state sovereignty, and the rule of law by reversing FDA's illegal actions," he continued. 

In Louisiana, Attorney General Liz Murrill (R-LA) also weighed in, arguing that the FDA's change in the review process was politically motivated. "When the FDA rigs its review process to lead to a political outcome to facilitate abortion, then claims no one can question its judgment—it is a political action, not one grounded in science." 

"Removing the in-person dispensing requirement puts women and girls at risk with no doctor-patient relationship. Women, Hospitals, and ER docs are left to deal with the damage. This dangerous political move by the Biden Administration further undermines the already weak faith of the American public in the FDA," she asserted

The Supreme Court has yet to rule, but the allegations against the Food and Drug Administration are concerning. Pro-life organizations such as Alliance Defending Freedom, Texas Values, and the Charlotte Lozier Insitute are fighting to ensure Americans know about the harms of chemical abortion.

President Joe Biden has also made his opinions on abortion clear. Recently, he criticized President Trump for being pro-life, even going so far as to run an attack ad on him "exposing him as pro-life." In the ad, Biden promises to "restore Roe v Wade as the law of the land." 

The contrast is clear: President Trump will be a supporter of life, while President Biden will openly advocate for more abortions. 

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