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Megan Benton

Megan is a proud-born and raised Texan. She enjoys writing about the America First movement, advocating for conservative values, and working on campaigns. After graduation from The University of Texas at Austin, she plans on working full-time in the conservative movement.

Texas Policy Organization Sends Letter To Texas Universities: Women’s Sports Will Be Protected
Recently, Texas Values, a Christian law and policy organization that is dedicated to issues of Faith, Family, and Freedom, sent a letter to all public colleges and universities within the state of Texas to ensure compliance with the now-in-effect Senate Bill 15, otherwise known as the “Save Women’s Sports Law.” Read More
Biden Can't Beat Trump: RFK Jr. SLAMS DNC For Not Hosting Debates, Says Biden's Campaign Strategy Will Lead To His Defeat
Robert Kennedy Jr., son of Robert Kennedy, the brother of President John F. Kennedy, announced his bid for president not long ago. Since announcing, he has gained much attention from the media due to his interesting and sometimes unpopular opinions. RFK joined the Faulkner Focus on Friday to discuss his platform and why he should be the Democrat nominee over current President Joe Biden. Watch
Thousands Are Baptized As 50th Anniversary Of Jesus Movement Revival Brings Massive Crowds
In a world of divisiveness, most positive things never get much media attention. But sometimes, positive movements are too infectious to ignore, and some even go down in history. Last weekend Christians in southern California organized a movement called Baptize SoCal to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Jesus Revolution, which took place in 1973 on Pentecost Sunday. Read More
Connecticut Female Track Star Refuses to Back Down To Trans Athletes: Lengthy Court Battle Ensues Over the Rights of Women in Sports
Across the country, the issue of biological men competing in women's sports has become a controversial topic. Female athletes, most notably Riley Gaines, have been taking a vocal stand against the unfair playing conditions. In Connecticut, another brave athlete, Selena Soule, is standing her ground in court over the issue. Read More
'We're Going To Make Sure That Kids Are Protected': Sarah Huckabee Sanders Takes A Stand Against The Radical Left In Arkansas Schools
Republican Governor of Arkansas and former press secretary for President Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, explained her views on parental rights and the current education system in an exclusive interview with Fox News. Gov. Sanders held nothing back when she explained the need for educational freedom and parental rights. Read More
'We'll Hang With Satan Instead': Target Receives MASSIVE Backlash After Woke Pride Month Merchandise Designer Is Exposed To Be A Satanist
Target is an American staple store for everything from groceries to children's toys to cheap clothing. Unfortunately, Target has made itself into a proponent of all things woke. Target’s latest debacle, while absurd, is not that surprising. The store launched its latest clothing line dedicated to promoting the transgender movement by a pro-satan designer. Read More
Family Friendly Entertainment Company Links Arms With Christian Studio to Bring More Wholesome Content to Americans
The search for wholesome entertainment plagues many Americans, especially those with young children. With Hollywood becoming more and more woke, finding quality entertainment can be quite the feat. However, some in the movie industry understand the struggle, and Christian actors, actresses, and producers have risen to the challenge. According to Breitbart, Pureflix, the popular “Faith and Family” streaming platform which was acquired by Sony in 2020, has decided to merge with Great American Media.  Read More
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