El Paso School Fires ‘Teacher’ Who Told Students Not to Judge Pedophiles

Woke culture is still on the rise across America, especially in our children’s schools. But not everybody is taking it lightly. An El Paso School Board recently decided to fire a teacher who appeared to defend pedophilia in her classroom.

Amber Parker, who teaches at the high school level can be heard in a video taken by a student telling her class not to say the word “pedophile.” Parker corrected them, claiming, “we’re not going to call them that. We’re going to call them MAPs. Minor-attracted persons. So, don’t judge people because they want to have sex with a 5-year-old.”

To all indications, outrage spread fast. Once the School Board was notified, the decision to fire Parker came quickly. However, the teacher will have a chance to appeal her dismissal.

One member of the El Paso ISD Board Member, Daniel Call, remarked that after he’d heard “from some of the students that were in the class, including my own nephew, I believe now that the teacher that appeared to be promoting and normalizing pedophilia was pretending to advocate a position she didn’t actually believe in order challenge the students in preparation for them reading the book The Crucible,”
Regardless of the speculation surrounding why the teacher made comments in support of pedophiles, the President of the school board, Al Velarde, decided to allow the termination process to continue.
As El Paso’s KFox 14 reports:
“‘This is the beginning of a process, and we’re going to move forward with it, and we await to see the outcome of the process,’ said Al Velarde the El Paso ISD board president. ‘The investigation has been completed, but there is a process defined by TEA that we must follow when it comes to a termination of an employee.'”
Regardless of the teacher’s intention, introducing her students to pedophile-friendly terms like MAP and even appearing to condone those acts is despicable and threatening to their safety.
Children are vulnerable in our country as it is. Luckily, with the help of parents, the El Paso School Board moved quickly to rid the school of a teacher whose education style was egregious, to say the least.
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