Texas Massacre Averted By Armed Citizen

At the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas on Feb. 15th a fistfight between two groups of teenagers escalated when a 16-year-old opened fire killing one 17-year-old boy and severely injuring three other people according to police.

According to KTXS-TV, the victim Angeles Zaragoza was involved in a confrontation with another group of teenagers near the food court at about 5:05 p.m. CST. The unnamed gunman turned and opened fire on a group that included 32-year-old Emanuel Duran.

Duran, police said is a legal gun owner and licensed to carry in Texas. He pulled out his handgun and returned fire at the teenager firing at least twice.

An off-duty El Paso police officer in the area responded to the shooting and with Duran, the good samaritan, provided aid to the 16-year-old gunman and others who were injured in the shootout.

“An off-duty officer called down on the radio that a subject was in custody,” El Paso police Sgt. Robert Gomez said.

“It is always concerning when a 16-year-old has a stolen handgun and fires a weapon inside of a crowded mall. It’s very concerning, it’s very disturbing actually,” he explained.


In a statement to the press, El Paso police said at least two other people in the vicinity were legally armed but were not involved.

Regarding the charges the suspect is likely to face Gomez told reporters, “One person is dead so the likely charge will be murder, it’s not official but that would be the appropriate charge. And the other suspects that were injured by gunfire, the appropriate charge would be aggravated assault, but again, until they are officially charged he is just a suspect.”

He was taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition. Duran was uninjured and is cooperating with law enforcement.

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