The Hill Claims Republicans Are Trying To “Steal” Hispanic Voters From the Dems

Political news website “The Hill” generated controversy earlier this week when it tweeted about Republicans trying to “steal” Hispanic voters away from the Democratic Party.

The social media caption read, “GOP sees chance to steal Hispanic voters from Democrats,” and linked to an article from Thursday.

Naturally, the tweet sparked immediate backlash. Does the Hispanic community belong exclusively to the Democratic Party?

It is no surprise The Hill would use such dehumanizing language — First Lady Jill Biden recently liken the Hispanic community to tacos.


Conservatives went after the headline with fire and fury as you might expect.

“The underlying assumption of this headline is that Hispanics are the ‘bought and paid for’ property of the Democrats.” Dinesh D’Souza tweeted. “Only if Hispanics are owned by Democrats does it make sense to talk about the GOP ‘stealing’ them.”

The grassroots organization “Freedom Works” replied: “Democrats don’t own Hispanic voters!”

The actual article itself focused on Republican gains in the Hispanic community — a fact which should frighten Democrats, who have always taken this demographic for granted

“The GOP’s approach is a danger to Democrats, as Hispanic voters are likely to play a key role in at least a dozen districts in the November midterm elections.” The Hill wrote.

If these numbers hold up, Democrats should be in for an electoral “shellacking” akin to the 2010 referendum on the Obama Administration.
Many voters and voices — not just Hispanics — are walking away from the radical left and making their values known on the way out. If Republicans seize the moment, they could end up making historic gains that hobble Democrat power for years to come.
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