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Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in hot water this week over his handling of the Freedom Convoy. As reported, the Freedom Convoy is a long-standing protest over COVID-19 vaccination requirements in Canada. The convoy, made up mostly of commercial truckers, has occupied Ottawa’s Ambassador Bridge for the last three weeks. The bridge is the most prominent trade entry point between the US and Canada, and the occupation of this bridge has had significant ramifications to the Canadian Economy. The protest’s goals are to end “divisive” political rhetoric and COVID-19 mandates. It remains to be seen if the Protests will have that effect or not.

After leading a Minority Government coalition into power, Trudeau won his third term as the Prime Minister of Canada. The Prime Minister has continued to use radical COVID-19 vaccine mandates to his own ends. In Canada, these policies are popular — far more popular than in the United States. Nonetheless, it seems Trudeau’s handling of the Ambassador Bridge incident has pestered most Canadians — regardless of political affiliation. A recent Maru Public Opinion poll demonstrates the failure that is Trudeau’s administration.

While nearly half of Canadians blame the truckers for the crisis, the poll found that almost half of all Canadian’s believe Trudeau is not up to the job after handling the Convoy. The Study writes:

“Half (48%) of Canadians think the Prime Minister has demonstrated that he is not up to the job of being prime minister. This compares to one-third (35%) who disagree with that perspective and by the remainder (18%) who were not sure.”

These are staggering numbers that should scare any politician, let alone one who was just elected to his third term last September.

The other findings were just as bad for the Prime Minister. Only sixteen percent of Canadians would vote for Trudeau based on how he has handled the crisis. Fifty-three percent of Canadian’s feel the Prime Minister looked weak in the face of the Freedom Convoy’s demands. Only seventeen percent of Canadians have felt Trudeau has looked strong through the crisis. Another forty-five percent of respondents felt the crisis demonstrated that the liberal party needs a new leader.

Trudeau’s weakness is becoming increasingly evident. Like with President Joe Biden in our country, the Canadian people are waking up to the effects of weak liberal leadership. Perhaps a conservative wave will swing across Canada as a result.