Trump 2024 Is Close To Inevitable, New Report Shows

We all hoped this would be true. The signs were there. The signs still are there. But more recently, we have gotten more than just signs — we have gotten actions, both from Trump and former Trump officials. Trump 2024 will almost certainly be a reality if a recent report by the Daily Caller is true, and America will be all the better for it.

Now, this isn’t the first time we are hearing about Trump’s run for office. He has made cryptic hints at a 2024 run — saying we will be “very happy” to hear his decision. We all knew what’s going on. In fact, Donald Trump Jr’s Fiancé, Kimberly Guilfoyle, all but confirmed the speculation with her CPAC speech, as we reported earlier this year:

“We will never allow them [Democrats], no longer, to radically change America in their far left woke image. And as President Trump said, this is just the start. The MAGA movement is alive and well. 

We will show the Democrats first-hand that elections have consequences when we win a record number of seats in the midterms — and that is just step one. Step two is reclaiming the White House and returning President Trump to the Oval Office. 

I pray about this, and I am confident that if we are lucky to have President Trump make that sacrifice again, then he will defeat Joe Biden!”

That is certainly good news. But it gets better. Trump and his compatriots are making it abundantly clear what they are plotting. As the Daily Caller reports in an exclusive:

“For people close to the former President or familiar with his team’s thinking, it seems obvious: Trump is heavily leaning towards running again. The following report is based on interviews with a half-dozen Trump associates – two former Trump Administration officials, three people familiar with the President’s thinking, and one person familiar with the Trump team’s thinking…”

The report lists three conditions — two significant and another secondary– that could guarantee a Trump run. One, that Trump’s health holds up. We certainly hope and pray that it does. To all indications, he has the health of a racehorse — tremendous health. Two, that Republicans win bigly in the upcoming midterms. That much is probable — although how big, that’s a matter of dispute.

The third condition is hard to quantify, but according to one official, it could guarantee a Trump run:

“If Biden really does run again, [Trump’s] running without question” 

BOOM! Now, Biden running is far from a certainty — although the President often speaks as though it is inevitable. Trump could get his ultimate revenge if that happens, and we will be here for it! 2022 will be a big year, and it will certainly influence what happens thereafter.

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