WATCH: Trump Announces Major New Plan To End Birthright Citizenship For The Children Of Illegal Migrants

On Tuesday, leading Republican presidential contender and 45th President Donald J. Trump announced a groundbreaking plan to end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal migrants.

"Joe Biden had launched an illegal foreign invasion of our country, allowing a record number of illegal aliens to storm across our borders. From all under the world, they came. Under Biden’s current policies, even though these millions of illegal border crossers have entered the country unlawfully, all of their future children will become automatic U.S. citizens," Trump said in a video release, posted to his Truth Social account this Tuesday. "Can you imagine? They’ll be eligible for welfare, taxpayer-funded healthcare, the right to vote, chain migration, and countless other government benefits, many of which will also profit the illegal alien parents. This policy is a reward for breaking the laws of the United States and is obviously a magnet helping draw the flood of illegals across our borders. They come by the millions and millions and millions.”

Trump then claimed that many illegal migrants were among the "toughest and meanest people you will ever see." As such, Trump turned to his solution -- changing the concept of birthright citizenship.

“The United States is among the only countries in the world that says that even if neither parent is a citizen nor even lawfully in the country, their future children are automatic citizens the moment the parents trespass onto our soil. As has been laid out by many scholars, this current policy is based on a historical myth and a willful misinterpretation of the law by the open borders advocates. And there aren't that many of them around," Trump added.

“As part of my plan to secure the border, on day one of my new term in office, I will sign an executive order making clear to federal agencies that under the correct interpretation of the law going forward, the future children of illegal aliens will not receive automatic U.S. citizenship,” Trump added “It’s things like this that bring millions of people to our country. And they enter this country illegally."

Trump argued changing the concept of birthright citizenship would disincentivize the mass wave of illegal migration we are seeing under Joe Biden.

"My policy will choke off a major incentive for continued illegal immigration, deter more migrants from coming, and encourage many of the aliens Joe Biden has unlawfully let into our country to go back to their home countries. They must go back. Nobody could afford this. Nobody could do this. And even morally, it’s so wrong," Trump remarked.

Trump concluded by saying this policy would effectively end 'birth tourism', where people during the last few weeks of their pregnancy enter the US to have their child on American soil, thereby guaranteeing the citizenship of their baby. Trump alleged this strategy was "horrible and so egregious," but moving forward, at least one parent must be a US citizen to guarantee citizenship rights to their progeny. 

Trump has spoken about reassessing birthright citizenship in the past, but he never took action on this while in the White House. Nonetheless, it seems the 45th President is determined to make this part of his campaign pitch in 2024. 

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