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Former President Trump is a very rich man. And he’s getting richer — as a recent Forbes estimate makes clear. Trump’s presidency halted the growth of his fortune. But now he is back in business, and we are glad to hear DJT is accomplishing so much in such a short period of time.

President Trump effectively turned a reasonably sized loan (small for what he accomplished) into a fortune worth billions. An absolutely incredible story about the beauty and truth of the American dream.

Trump accomplished so much as the President of the United States that we forget about his business acumen and financial wizardry. But without Trump the financial wizard, we would never get Trump the most powerful man in the world.

Donald Trump’s business acumen qualified him to be President. Many argued that since he had no record in government service, Trump was not fit to serve. But the fact Trump didn’t serve in Congress was actually a qualification for service as the POTUS. It is certainly not a knock on Donald Trump’s character.

Former President Trump paved his own path into the nation’s highest office. He wasn’t a career politician like our current President — who effectively rode his failed Congressional record into the VP position and then eventually, the Presidency. Trump is an outsider, and he wanted to run the nation like his company — that is, effectively and with strength.

Forbes recently put out an estimate of the net worth of President Trump’s fortune. And it is HUGE! Commenting on the growth of Truth Social, Forbes reported the following:

“Donald Trump, master of reinvention, has a new title: tech entrepreneur. It’s a stretch for the 75-year-old, who doesn’t even use email, preferring instead to scrawl jagged notes in marker. But he doesn’t mind jumping into ventures in which he has little previous experience—and this gig should prove far more lucrative than the presidency. 

In fact, it has already boosted his net worth by $430 million, according to our math, helping lift his fortune from $2.4 billion a year ago to $3 billion today.”

We have reported on the growth of Truth Social in the past. But Trump’s social is impressive. It is no wonder that free speech-loving users are coming to it in droves.

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Trump is succeeding and America is happy to see our former President living it up while fighting to protect the future of our nation. 2024 could be a return to normalcy. Maybe Trump’s fortune will decline during a second term. But we know we have a leader willing to sacrifice for the love of our country. We are excited about the prospect.