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The consequences of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI’s) “siege” on Former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate continue to stack up. The latest backfire reportedly consists of criticism from the left, on why the FBI chose to raid Trump now instead of earlier.

Current criticism on the right is rooted in accusations that the FBI, along with the Department of Justice (DOJ), had weaponized a federal law enforcement agency — while moderate Americans appear caught in the middle, to look on in horror and disbelief.

The unprovoked raid on Trump’s home was a shock to many, including his legal counsel, who commented that they’d shared an extraordinarily cooperative and stable relationship with the FBI up until the time of the raid, according to Fox News.

The mainstream media has taken advantage of this national fiasco with the DOJ and the FBI, with one recent Politico article even claiming these events could, “turn a large enough portion of Trump’s far-right base decisively against federal authority that its defiance could shift from episodic to systemic, eventually leading to regular armed resistance to federal law enforcement.”



While many Americans, even those not directly supporting Trump, have weighed in on their disapproval of the raid, it’s safe to say most people aren’t going to revolt over it.

The media has ratcheted up its demonization of those on the right for years, however, especially since Trump’s 2016 White House bid.

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The media’s problem with the raid wasn’t that it was political, un-American, or wrong — it just didn’t produce the results they wanted.

Due to this failure, there must now be an outcry from this establishment with the same ambitions to discredit, disenfranchise, and ultimately destroy the MAGA movement Trump helped start. Sadly, said culprits of this failed attempt continue to try, despite Trump’s popularity being on the rise.

Oddly enough, he brought in a whopping million dollars, the day after the FBI’s execution of the search warrant. Then again, no one ever accused the mainstream media or current DOJ officials of being smart.

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