WATCH: Trump Vows To Pardon All Pro-Life Advocates And Political Prisoners On Day One In Office

On Friday, leading 2024 presidential candidate and 45th President Donald Trump vowed to pardon or commute the sentences of pro-life advocates and all political prisoners who have been unfairly targeted by President Joe Biden’s administration on the first day of his second term.

“Under [President Joe] Biden, others are being sentenced to 10, 15, and even 20 years in prison for retribution for their political beliefs, while Antifa and other groups burn-down cities like Portland, like Minneapolis. … They kill people, they loot, they plunder, and they go free,” Trump said to the 2023 Pray Vote Stand Summit.

“To reverse these cruel travesties of justice, tonight I’m announcing that the moment I win the election, I will appoint a special task force to rapidly review the cases of every political prisoner who’s been unjustly persecuted by the Biden administration … so that I can study the situation very quickly and sign their pardons or commutations on Day One,” Trump added.

“Never again will the federal government be used to target religious believers,” Trump continued.

Trump said, "For nearly 250 years, our nation has been propelled by the power of prayer and guided by the hand of God in Heaven. It was faith that led the Pilgrims across the perilous seas of Plymouth Rock. They came to Plymouth Rock, and that was a long, arduous, and deadly journey."

"It was faith that moved our Founding Fathers to change history forever and proclaim that our rights do not come from anywhere other than from our Creator. And it was unflinching faith that inspired generations of pastors and patriots, chaplains and soldiers, farmers, workers, laborers, and pioneers to make America the greatest country in the history of the world," Trump added.

Trump spoke to the massive loving crowd of Evangelical and Christian supporters at the Pray Vote Stand Summit in Washington, D.C. for over an hour. 

In 2017, Trump made history as the first sitting president to address the Christian summit.

Trump also vowed to terminate all open border policies of President Joe Biden’s administration and will “commence the largest deportation operation in American history.”

“Upon my inauguration, I will terminate every open border policy of the Biden administration and commence the largest deportation operation in American history. We have no choice. This is not sustainable,” Trump said.

Trump also promised to review all cases of political prisoners who have been persecuted by the Biden administration once elected, saying, “I will appoint a special task force to rapidly review the cases of every political prisoner who has been unjustly persecuted by the Biden administration.”

“I am protecting the people of this nation; it's not easy, but I consider it an honor,” Trump said in perhaps his most powerful quote of the night.

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