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Tucker Carlson recently warned viewers early this week about the potential danger of hospitals around the country performing “gender-affirming” surgeries on minors. He focused specifically on a Chicago children’s hospital that has partnered with public schools.

“In recent weeks, we’ve learned a lot about what is actually happening inside children’s hospitals around the country,” Carlson explained, adding, “Most people trust children’s hospitals implicitly. They just didn’t know the details but thanks to the internet we now do.”

Children’s hospitals across the country have begun to perform hysterectomies on children as young as 15, according to the Post Millennial. Conservative activists such as LibsOfTikTok, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, and Chris Rufo have been on the front lines of uncovering these heinous procedures.

“It turns out some of these hospitals are performing horrifying experiments on children,” Tucker stated, per The Daily Fetched. “elective hysterectomies on minors, physical and chemical castration, things you think would be crimes but that apparently aren’t and that are going on in children’s hospitals in the United States.”

To better understand the issue, Carlson brought in Chris Rufo to explain how a “children’s hospital in Chicago and local school administrators promot[e] ‘kink, BDSM and trans-friendly sex toys for kids.’” 


“Unfortunately, it is actually true. What the situation is that the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, the largest children’s hospital in the state of Illinois, partnered with at least four public school districts promoting radical gender theory as part of their teacher and administrative training programs,” Rufo began, adding, “They are promoting the idea that gender is not binary, that the idea that men and women exist is a false binary.”

“They are doing everything including promoting trans-friendly sex toys. They’re promoting an LGBTQ-friendly sex shop for teens. These are really bizarre items that they are telling middle school and high school teachers to be promoting including dildos, including artificial penis pumps,” the activist continued. “All kinds of menageries of horror that are now being mainlined from the largest children’s hospital into the K-12 public school system.”

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“All of these hospitals have boards and in a city like Chicago, they are the most prominent business leaders typically in the city,” Tucker responded, questioning, “Has anyone sent a camera to the board members of this hospital and asked, ‘why are you signing off on the castration of children? Hysterectomies for girls? Transgender sex toys?’ Has anyone answered for this?”

“They haven’t. But what we have absolutely seen is that hospitals and especially children’s hospitals are on the forefront of radical gender theory,” the guest explained. “They have an entire department that’s not dedicated to medical services, but to transmitting this ideology through all of the various organs and institutions of the state. So you are getting this everywhere, the children’s hospitals are promoting it, and it is being done with the complicity of public school administrators.”

Transgender ideology began on the college campus and is seeping into every part of society from K-12 education to children’s hospitals to government policy. Fighting back against these dangerous and life-altering procedures is essential to protecting the innocence of America’s children and activists like Chris Rufo are doing everything in their power to stop those that want to indoctrinate young people into gender confusion.

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