Tucker Carlson Set To Release New Biography That Will Give Insider Info On His Fox News Career And Firing

On Monday, the author of a new biography on former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Chadwick Moore, posted a video on Twitter that made Americans flock to preorder the upcoming biography of the conservative pundit which will release on July 18th.

"For the last year, I've been writing the definitive biography of [Tucker Carlson], based on thorough research and 100+ hours of interviews," wrote author Chadwick Moore on Twitter. "But there's some info that can't wait for July 18: the scoop on why Fox canceled his show."

Throughout the attached video, as previously reported by the DC Enquirer, Moore details the real reason why Carlson was fired from Fox News with it primarily revolving around the $787 million Dominion lawsuit and what the Fox host was planning to say on his upcoming show.

The video led to many heading to www.tuckerthebook.com to preorder the upcoming biography with commenters writing that they've already preordered the title and are looking forward to reading it.


"For tens of millions of Americans, Tucker Carlson was long the only voice on cable news providing a counternarrative to establishment Washington and the mainstream press on the most important issues of our time: the Covid-19 vaccine, January 6th, the Ukraine war, even UFOs, just to name a few," the book's description reads on Amazon.

"His ratings -- the highest in cable news history -- spoke for themselves," the description continues. "But if there remained any doubt as to the esteem in which Carlson is held, not just by conservatives, but by all who feel alienated by our imperious and self-serving ruling class, it was evident in the outpouring of grief and anger that came with his abrupt firing from Fox News."

"Who is Tucker Carlson off camera? How did his upbringing contribute to who he is today? What motivates the man who has been (and will surely reemerge) as the most influential and, in the establishment's eyes, the most dangerous voice in American politics and culture?" the summary concluded.

"Author Chadwick Moore was granted unprecedented access to Tucker Carlson through hundreds of hours of interviews, documents, photographs, and more," the biography's description concludes, adding, "His conversations with Tucker, his family, colleagues, acquaintances, and enemies, produced this inside look into one of the most beloved—and polarizing—media figures."

The biography is currently available for preorder for $30 USD on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million. It can also be preordered directly from the publisher.

The biography is likely to be a bestseller as millions of Americans look forward to getting an insider look into Carlson's life, philosophy, and his controversial Fox News firing.

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