University Professor Forces Students To Donate $99 To Leftist Campaign As A Course REQUIREMENT

Newly reported allegations have arisen from the lecture halls at Michigan State University and conservatives among the student body are crying foul. Reportedly MSU is now being sued by two students whose professor obligated them to pay a $99 membership fee to a progressive organization funding leftist causes. The students have sued charging that the funds were used in a manner that violated their religious beliefs.

According to Timcast News, MSU students Nathan Barbieri and Nolan Radomski alleged in the suit that marketing professor Amy Wisner made donations of $99 to The Rebellion Community, an academic requirement in her spring 2023 Business Communication class, a required course for a Bachelor's degree in business. 

Complicating matter, Wisner is one of the educators of The Rebellion Community. Naturally, the course syllabus, as reported by Timcast, claims that Wisner doesn't "receive any financial compensation" given that "would be a conflict of interest." It assured that the fees were designated to "pay for use of the technology" as well as to "pay guest speakers, educators, and facilitators."



In the text of the lawsuit Barbieri and Radomski state, "Wisner controlled The Rebellion Community and used the membership fees to finance her own political advocacy and to support external groups—including Planned Parenthood—that engage in political speech that is antithetical to the Plaintiffs’ deeply held beliefs."

The two plaintiffs located a Facebook post from Wisner linking to The Rebellion Community in which she described it as a " safe place to coordinate our efforts to burn everything to the f*cking ground." In the post, she wrote, "100% of membership fees are donated to Planned Parenthood."

The two students assert that the professor "forced them to materially support the homicide of innocent children.”

They further explain in their complaint, "The Rebellion Community is an expressive organization established and controlled by Defendant Wisner." And they assert that the total membership of Rebellion Community, some 1,157 people, "is almost completely accounted for by the students that Defendant Wisner compelled to join The Rebellion Community between the fall and spring MKT 250 courses (which each enroll approximately 600 students)."

Timcast reported that Barbieri and Radomski are represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). ADF Legal Counsel Logan Spena said in a May 22nd statement, "University professors can’t force students to finance and support political advocacy groups that express messages they disagree with. Nathan and Nolan simply want to get a business degree without being compelled to pay membership fees that will be donated to Planned Parenthood or support speech that directly contradicts their religious beliefs. Michigan State officials have violated the First Amendment and federal civil rights laws by authorizing professors to force students to support speech antithetical to their deepest values and faith."

Journalist Jonathon Turley reports that MSU stated Wisner is no longer an adjunct professor with the school. Fox News confirmed and noted that her Instagram profile also refers to her as a "former business communication professor." 

MSU told Fox, "The university does not comment on pending litigation."

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