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Texas Congressman Troy Nehls revealed that the Department of Homeland Security affirmed that Venezuela is intentionally sending “violent criminals” to the United States via the U.S./Mexico border. This new revelation illustrates the dire conditions of the U.S.’s national security and adjudicates everything that Former President Donald Trump warned of.

The former president came under heavy fire in the 2016 presidential election when he said that the people illegally crossing the southern border were “bad hombres,” mainly consisting of rapists, thieves, and other types of criminals. Mainstream media, alongside politically-correct politicians, pounced on the opportunity to paint Trump as a racist white nationalist.

However, despite their constant criticisms, President Trump refused to concede on his impassioned views regarding the border crisis. He remained steadfast in prioritizing the problem, carrying the same fierce rhetoric into his 2020 race and articulating the threat of illegal migrants.


Undoubtedly, the border emergency has exponentially grown more pressing in the last two years under the Biden/Harris Administration. From creating ideal conditions for illegal immigrants to cross the border to failing to maintain strict apprehension policies once they have penetrated the border, President Biden has practically welcomed illegal aliens into the country with a gift basket.

So while the media has continued its vicious and defaming attacks against President Trump, it appears his claims have not only been vindicated but proven entirely on par with the recent revelations by the Homeland Security Department.

As Trump’s claims continue to be verified, his solutions are also slowly being applied. In light of the vast surge in illegal immigrants breaching their way into the country, President Biden has resumed construction of Trump’s border wall in hopes of bringing the numbers down. Therefore, not only has Trump been right all along, but all of his critics are now pursuing his solutions as well.

Some believe Biden inherited an easy job off the coattails of his predecessor President Trump, pointing out that if Biden had just maintained the policies in place he could cultivate a successful term while in office. However, Joe Biden has reversed many of Trump’s policies to his – and the nation’s – dismay.

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