WATCH: After Disastrous Republican Presidential Campaign, Chris Christie Will Not Rule Out Third Party Run

During a Tuesday appearance on ABC's 'Good Morning America,' former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) declined to rule out a third-party presidential run, arguing that a third-party ticket is as necessary now as it has been at any time in our nation's history. Christie has been a fierce opponent of 45th President Donald Trump as of recently, and his utter disdain knows no bounds -- going so far as to say Trump is unfit to serve in office, shameful remarks from a twice-failed Republican presidential candidate. 

"I do not know what I am going to do in November, but I am not voting for Donald Trump under any circumstances," Christie told host George Stephanopoulos. "In my state, my vote is not going to matter a lick. I do not know who the full field is going to be yet. And there might be a No Labels candidate." No Labels is a third-party unity ticket that believes "healthy disagreement is a good thing in our democracy. Principled debate leads to a better understanding on both sides and leads to better legislation and governance for the nation." Democrats have long been concerned that a viable No Labels candidate could spell bad news for Biden's 2024 campaign, given the president's unpopularity.

After Stephanopoulos insinuated that the No Labels candidate would drain more from Biden's 2024 campaign than Trump's. Christie replied, "It depends on who they nominate a strong Republican; that might not be the case." Stephanopoulos then asked Christie if No Labels approached him, to which he replied, "They have not asked me no ... Well, what I've said in the past is that I'd have to see a path for anybody — not just me — but I think anybody who would accept that would need to see a path to 270 electoral votes. If there was ever a time in our lifetime when a third-party candidate could make a difference, I think it's now."

Unfortunately for Christie, Donald Trump has managed to be a unifying figure for Republicans, and voters are rallying around the 45th president in record numbers. As such, Trump is in as strong of a position with Republican voters as ever. Indeed, he remains a potent force to win the presidency in 2024. The Real Clear Politics polling average has the 45th president besting Biden in nationwide polling in recent months, and this is despite the fact that Republican presidential candidates can generally afford to underperform in the popular vote while still winning the election - as they did in 2000 and 2016. Americans must rally behind the eventual nominee as he begins his quest to save the United States. 

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