WATCH: Drunk Driver Who Killed A Cop Taken Down By Good Samaritan

In Lake Worth, Texas tragedy struck in November of 2021, and only now over a year later is the full story coming out and justice is being served. In the end, Euless, Texas Police Detective Alex Cervantes would lose his life, his two little boys and wife, Priscilla Cervantes would be injured, and grieving and drunk driver Dylan Molina would be in prison.

The story according to Fox 4 KDFW-TV starts with Molina at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop having imbibed eight double vodka Red Bull cocktails on a Saturday morning over the course of three hours. Molina, then 26 years old, just had the equivalent of 16 shots of vodka. He got into his rental Jeep and drove away from the Taco shop. Police say that his blood-alcohol level was well over twice the legal limit.

Shortly after Molina slammed the Jeep into a four-door sedan carrying Detective Cervantes and his family at high speed while driving through an intersection. Cervantes was killed in the crash and his family was trapped in the twisted wreckage.

It was at this point that video recorded by a witness picks up with Molina fleeing from the Jeep, now wrapped around a traffic light pole on foot.

The fleeing drunk driver, in a distraught and extremely inebriated state, didn’t get far before gravity and drunkenness took their toll. He fell face-first into landscaping stones surrounding a nearby tree, just as a good samaritan gave chase.

As a crowd of concerned residents of Oat Club Road struggled to free Cervantes’ wife and children from the wrecked sedan, the samaritan caught up to Molina tackling him and kneeling on his back as he berated him.

“You stay right there, mother f**ker! You see what you did?!” the good Samaritan said.


*VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: The following video contains foul language.*

According to Fox 4, Molina accepted a plea bargain and plead guilty to intoxicated manslaughter. He was subsequently sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Furthermore, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop bartender Cala Richardson is being charged with a misdemeanor on allegations that she overserved Molina.

Lake Worth Police Chief J.T. Manoushagian showed reporters surveillance imagery from the bar.

“You see Dylan Molina walking from behind the bar area from the inside out to the outer bar area, and you see the bartender waving him around, telling him you can’t be back there. You need to move,’” he told KDFW-TV. “At this point, he stumbles backwards and grabs the bar to try to maintain his balance.”

The arrest warrant affidavit confirmed Molina was served eight double vodka Red Bull cocktails within three hours.

“Eight doubles, 16 single shots, is more than anybody should have in a three-hour period. Maybe even at all,” Manoushagian added.

“Clearly, not in a good place to be operating a vehicle. Clearly intoxicated. he’s holding another one of those double vodka and Red Bull drinks there, and then he simply walks away.”

“The offense of driving while intoxicated is something that we’re not going to tolerate,” Manoushagian said.

Molina reportedly had another DWI arrest in Sansom Park, Texas which went unprosecuted for unknown reasons but was added to his charges resulting from the accident that killed Cervantes.

After the sentence came down, Priscilla Cervantes told Fox 4, “It’s not gonna bring Alex back, but at least he’s locked behind bars and not able to hurt another family like he did ours.”

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