WATCH: Hillary Clinton Tells Those Concerned About The Trump-Biden 2024 Matchup To 'Get Over Yourselves'

During a Monday appearance on NBC's 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,' failed presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told viewers that if they are concerned about a second straight Biden-Trump matchup, they ought to 'get over' themselves and accept reality. The former First Lady implied that a second Biden administration was the only solution to their legitimate unease, arguing it is "not even a hard choice." After all, a second Trump term is dangerous to the prospects of the Left's emerging authoritarian vision for America, a vision that puts America and her concerns last. 

Host Jimmy Fallon asked Hillary Clinton, "It is Biden vs. Trump, we know that. What do you say to voters who are upset that those are the two choices?" To this, Hillary Clinton offered a truly appalling reply, saying, "Get over yourselves, those are the two choices. Right, and, you know, it is kind of like, one is old & effective & compassionate, has a heart & really cares about people, & one is old & has been charged with 91 felonies. I mean, I do not understand why this is even a hard choice, really. I do not understand it."

The former Democrat presidential nominee continued her remarks, adding, "But we have to go through the election and hope that people realize what is at stake because it is an existential question. What kind of country are we going to have? What kind of democracy are we going to have? People who blow that off are not paying attention because it is not like Trump; his enablers, his empowerers, and his allies are not telling us what he is going to do. They are pretty clear about what they want."

Of course, Clinton is right about one thing: Trump has presented a vision for America, which is a remarkably glorious one, a vision that patriots are latching on to in record numbers. Fortunately for these patriotic Americans, Trump remains a potent force to win the presidency in 2024, and, as such, he has a great chance to reimplement a truly potent and America First agenda. The Real Clear Politics polling average has him besting Joe Biden in nationwide polling in recent months, despite the fact that Republican presidential candidates can generally afford to underperform in the popular vote while still winning the election - as they did in 2000 and 2016.

As such, it stands to reason that the radical, far-left Democrats would use any means necessary to gain a much-needed political advantage - including indicting their most likely political opponent. But if Republicans sell their agenda and effectively criticize the Biden administration's America Last policies, the sky is the limit for Republicans in 2024 -- and our nation may very well depend on it. That means rallying around an agenda that is widely popular with Americans -- an agenda that stands up for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. 

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