WATCH: Never-Before-Seen January 6th Footage Blows A Hole In Democrats' Narrative - 'They Set Us The F*ck Up'

On Wednesday, journalist Julie Kelly, who has made a name for herself covering January 6th and the various trials associated with the participants from that day, released never-before-seen footage showing police officers leaving entrances unguarded and then opening from the inside.

"UNSEEN FOOTAGE: DC cops retreat from position on upper west terrace around 2:30 on January 6. They had been attacking the crowd with gas, stun grenades, rubber bullets for over an hour," Kelly wrote on X. "They left that door unprotected. Moments later, it was opened from inside…"

"At least 300 individuals entered that doorway after police left the scene," she explained.

"Inside, several Capitol police officers stood by as people streamed into the building," Kelly reported. "They did not try to shut and lock the door or instruct people to leave. (Highlighted person is Ethan Nordean, sentenced to 18 years)."

Kelly posts additional footage that seems to show Capitol Police officers saying, "They set us the f*ck up" as protesters entered the building for 12 minutes with an officer being heard saying, "I can't believe they let them in."

This isn't the first time that Capitol Police have questioned the events of that day. As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, former Capitol Police Lieutenant Tarik Johnson took to the X App in July claiming that police and rioters were "set up."

"EVERY demonstrator and EVERY police officer there on J6 was set-up. This is why I say all the officers and demonstrators need to call a truce and focus on Pittman’s failures," Johnson wrote.

"USCP Chief J. Thomas Manger is protecting Pittman like a lion protects her cubs even after all the death and destruction Pittman’s actions caused on J6. Manger is effectively spitting in the eyes of everyone there that day to include the families of Officer Brian Sicknick and Ashli Babbitt and the sad part is he won’t even provide a handkerchief," the former officer wrote. "Shame on you sir but I will still pray that God has mercy on your soul."

As more and more footage is released from that day, a more clear picture develops that isn't as black and white as many seem to believe it to be. The events of January 6th are far more complicated than previously posited by the Democrat-led January 6th Committee and the mainstream media.

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  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Brent Stirton / Getty Images
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