WATCH: Chip Roy, Byron Donalds Go Head-To-Head On Trump Versus DeSantis

On Wednesday night, both Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) and Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) appeared on Fox News discussing the recent Ron DeSantis (R-FL) presidential bid announcement and the beef that Donald Trump has had with the Florida governor. While the two representatives sat on opposite sides of the party’s issue, they both were able to come together and agree that the party should be unified in taking the White House from incumbent President Joe Biden. 

The congressmen appeared on the broadcast alongside guest host and former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, where they were asked questions on the differences between Trump and DeSantis. McEnany started by asking Rep. Roy about the idea that Trump has been proven to be successful in his 2016 presidential election while DeSantis hasn’t had the experience in the Oval Office.

The Texas representative first noted how much support DeSantis received at his Twitter Spaces presidential bid launch, with over half a million people in the space causing the online group to crash the site. 

Rep. Roy then discussed the impressive track record DeSantis has maintained in Florida as well as the notable voting groups that supported the Sunshine State governor, including “62 percent of Hispanic voters” and “about 50 percent of single female voters,” both groups Donald Trump may struggle to garner support in. 

The guest host then asked Rep. Donalds about potential voters who believe DeSantis is the more conservative of the potential presidential candidates. Donalds agreed with the idea that DeSantis has put forth fantastic conservative legislation but highlighted that what he has done would not have been possible without the previous presidency of Donald Trump. 

The Florida representative highlighted that if not for the corruption within the FBI and Justice Department that was revealed by the recent Durham Report, as reported by the DC Enquirer, Donald Trump likely would have been able to accomplish even more during his presidency than he already did. 

The questions were then aimed again at Rep. Roy, asking how the conservative legislation passed in Florida by the DeSantis administration may actually work against him and alienate him from more moderate voters. 

Rep. Roy answered that while his policies may be conservative, he’s standing up for the American people and fighting against the corporate establishment that “hates the American people.” The representative highlights the culture war in America, stating that DeSantis is on “the right side of history,” and that will garner voters for him. 

The most important point of the entire discussion that the Texas congressman made though was how he and Rep. Donalds sit on opposite ends of the issue, but are still united in taking on the leftist agenda and restoring morality and order in America. McEnany highlighted this point, praising the unity that the two congressmen have while sitting on opposite ends of the Republican party. 

McEnany asked one last question to Rep. Donalds, asking what the Florida Republican would say to voters who only intend to support Donald Trump and won’t vote if he isn’t the Republican nominee. 

Rep. Donalds opened up his answer also highlighting the importance of him and Rep. Roy, as well as other Republicans, working together as a unified party against the left. He emphasized how once the nomination process is over, the party needs to unite and place their full support on the nominee, whoever that nominee is. 

The unity between the congressmen over the issue shows a very good direction for the party and the future of the White House. While right now the disagreements between Trump and DeSantis may be putting parts of the party against one another, GOP unity be essential in ending the failing Biden administration and restoring order to the American government. 

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