WATCH: Senator Mike Lee Calls On Mitch McConnell To Step Down, Accuses Him Of Uniting Senate Democrats

During a Sunday appearance on 'Sunday Morning Futures,' Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) told host Maria Bartiromo that it is now time for Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to step down following the terrible Senate "border bill" and other legislative shortcomings. This comes after Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) pushed for a similar move last week, as MAGA Republicans become increasingly uneasy about McConnell's leadership as Senate minority leader. 

"Look, Republican senators are not part of some feudal system,” Lee told Bartiromo, as previously reported by Breitbart News. "We each are represented to — we are each representing our own states. And in occasion after occasion, bill after bill, we have seen Senate Republican leadership joining ranks with all or most Democrats, sharply dividing Republicans, actively alienating most Republican voters, and taking a different position than most Republican Senators in order to enact Democratic priorities and things that unite the Senate Democratic conference."

The Utah Senator then assured viewers that this was "nothing personal," but instead, an effort to act on behalf of his constituents. As such, Lee continued, saying, "And yet we do have to deal with this issue because this is how we alienate our voters. This is how we lose elections that should be won. We have got a real opportunity, Maria, for Republicans to take the majority this November."

Senator Lee is correct on the possibility of strong Republican gains in the Senate. The GOP has a real opportunity to recover the Senate majority they lost in 2020 and failed to regain in 2022. In fact, with Senator Manchin (D-WV) retiring and with weak incumbents like Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) running for reelection in bright-red states, the sky is truly the limit for Republicans. However, Republicans must act decisively to motivate their base, as millions and millions of Americans are less than impressed with Joe Biden's presidential agenda. Now is not the time for half-measures; Republicans must not squander the moment, and they must be prepared to hold the radical Democrats to account. 

Lee concluded by warning patriot Americans that, "if we keep doing things through our leadership that end up enacting priorities for the Democrats, we’re going to have brand confusion. And the voters who we need to show up to vote for Republican candidates in Senate races all over the country are going to be less likely to do that if they can’t tell which team is responsible for what policy." These are true words, and words Republicans should heed if they want to win big in 2024. 

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It seems that all the McRINOs are corrupt, Globalist, establishment elites that need to go.

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