West Virginia Coal Miners Push Electric Car to Charging Station After It Dies on the Road

Pure poetic justice doesn’t often occur often in our society, which is more driven by cutthroat politics, media spins, and unwavering ideologies. However, in one electric car owner’s case, it did.

On Friday, a local foreman from a coal mine in Tucker County, West Virginia, received a call from someone who lived in the area saying there was a vehicle “broke down in the middle of our haul road,” according to Tucker County Senator, Randy Smith’s Facebook post.

Due to the electric vehicle’s plastic bottom finish, towing it to safety was out of the question.

However, the EV owner’s luck wasn’t out just yet, when along came a group of five coal miners who helped push the vehicle to a charging station. Ironically, the electric charging station was conveniently situated within just a short distance of the coal mine itself, with mounds of coal in the background as the empty battery recharged.


Coal and natural gas are the backbone of this country. Unfortunately, though, many Americans take coal miners’ work for granted. Instead, they forget that these miners do dangerous work. They put their lives on the line so that our cars are kept running, our children stay warm, and our country can prosper.

So while Leftists continue to promote alternative and renewable energy, sometimes reality can slap them in the face as hard as a group of coal miners pushing a broken-down electric car to a charging station located near a coal mine. We cannot forget to graciously remember the work blue collar Americans do for this country is not only vital, but brave and noble.

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