Radical Liberal Whoopi Goldberg Takes A Stand Against Re-Editing Books For ‘Modern Audiences’

This Monday, ‘The View’ co-host Whoopi Goldberg argued against re-editing books for ‘modern audiences,’ after Puffin Books decided to remove “offensive” language from the corpus of children’s book author Roald Dahl.

“To mark the seventieth anniversary of the first James Bond Novel — Casino Royale — the entire catalog of author Ian Flemming’s Bond Books are being reissued but also re-edited, to remove any racist content. This comes on the heels of re-editing author Roald Dahl’s books to remove content deemed ‘offensive’ to modern audiences,” Goldberg began.

“Look, y’all got to stop this. Just put a disclaimer that says, listen, this book was written at this time, or put out the original and what y’all have done. Because kids should have the right to read how people thought so that they know how to make the change,” Goldberg added. “But you know, they try to do this with Mark Twain as well because they were so concerned that the n-word was in the book — well that’s how they did it! That’s what it was. We don’t want people doing it today and you don’t see it as much. That’s how people learn.”

Goldberg ended by saying, “but maybe I am crazy because I do not know about education anymore.”


Oddly enough, Whoopi Goldberg hit at the real issue here — the constantly shifting definition of what is acceptable and what is not. An authentic and wide-reaching education for our children will include uncomfortable truths and conversations. Ironically enough, the left craves these “uncomfortable” truths (albeit mistruths) when it suits them. But when it comes to learning how the world was less than a century ago, that is a bridge too far.

The radical left’s war on our history is sad indeed. Perhaps there will come a day when Whoopi Goldberg wakes up and realizes it is her ideology that is causing the majority of the damage in America today. Perhaps not. But America First patriots know we cannot shy away from and re-edit history to suit our whims. We look to history with a critical eye, emulating the virtues of those men of yore, while shying away from their vices.

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