With Swift Action, DeSantis Cracks Down On Crime And Pedophilia, LGBTQ Community Up In Arms

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) signed a trio of bills into law Monday with the intent to keep criminals out of the streets of Florida.

The three bills are aimed to target the bail reforms that leftist prosecutors have been pushing in recent years, increase penalties on fentanyl traffickers, and make those who commit sexual crimes against children eligible to receive the death penalty as punishment. 

Governor DeSantis put out a statement saying, “Florida is a law-and-order state with a 50-year record low crime rate and double-digit year-over-year decreases in murder, burglary, and overall crime. For three consecutive legislative sessions we have enacted tough-on-crime policies, and this year we are continuing to implement measures to protect our communities and keep Florida safe, with a particular emphasis on keeping criminals in jail and throwing the book at pedophiles.”


House Bill 1627 addresses the issue of bail reform through many different actions, a major one being requiring the Florida Supreme Court to develop a uniform statewide bond schedule by the end of the year. The bill will prohibit judges from setting any bonds lower than the minimum bond amount stated in the uniform state bond. It will also prevent a defendant from being released before their first court appearance if the crime they were arrested for was violent or heinous, and will also add more crimes to the state’s list of “dangerous crimes.”

The next bill, House Bill 1359, increases the penalty for those who traffic “rainbow fentanyl” by making the defendants eligible for life in prison as well as a minimum 25-year sentencing. The bill will also add a $1 million penalty and make it a first-degree felony to possess, sell, or produce the drug or any that resembles candy. 


The final bill signed by Governor DeSantis was House Bill 1297, which will now impose the death penalty upon pedophiles who “commit sexual battery against children under the age of 12.”

This final bill works in tandem with another bill that DeSantis signed last month, Senate Bill 450, which reduces the number of jurors needed to give the death penalty to only 8 of 12. 

This final bill has garnered an interesting reaction on social media, with people claiming that the bill will be used to kill members of the LGBTQ group. It seems very odd that a group that claims they are not grooming or sexually abusing children suddenly has a massive problem when the punishment for doing so becomes death. 

Members of the LGBTQ community on social media have warned others to leave “there as soon as you can” claiming that the bill would be used to “genocide” queer folks.

The behavior of LGBTQ members can only leave people scratching their heads as to why this group is so against pedophiles receiving the death penalty, but surely we already know why.

  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images / Getty Images
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