An Indictment of President Trump Would Prove That Democrats Are Grasping at Straws in Yet Another Witch Hunt

On Friday, NBC News reported that local, state, and federal law enforcement are preparing for a potential indictment of the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump. The case itself is built upon a paper-thin case and would likely strengthen Trump more than weaken him. 

Five senior officials told NBC News that law enforcement agencies are conducting “preliminary security assessments” for the Manhattan Criminal Court in case Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) brings charges. Bragg is attempting to charge Trump with an illegal election contribution via a $130,000 payment paid to Stormy Daniels based on the word of the disgraced lawyer, and convicted liar, Michael Cohen.

The possibility of an indictment against President Trump shows once again that the Democrats, who spent his entire presidency pushing the Russian collusion conspiracy theory, are once again launching a witch hunt to keep Trump from office.

The attempt to even bring such charges, which is built on shaky ground, has led to legal experts questioning the Manhattan DA’s motives, including Harvard legal scholar Alan Dershowitz who deemed the move as “targeted injustice.”

“When I was coming of age in the 1950s Southern prosecutors would target civil rights workers and search for any possible violation of the law, no matter how technical,” Dershowitz said in a Wednesday newsletter. “If they discovered or invented a violation, they would indict, prosecute, convict, and sentence the target….That, precisely, is what we are now seeing with the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, targeting the former president and current candidate, Donald Trump.”


“After spending months searching the criminal code for a law that Mr. Trump might be accused of violating, Mr. Bragg has apparently landed on a highly questionable campaign contribution provision that has never before been used in a comparable situation,” the lawyer explained. “All decent people, whether politically opposed to Mr. Trump (as I am) or supportive of his candidacy, should be concerned about this weaponizing of the prosecutor’s office for the political purpose of preventing a potential candidate from running for office.”

Legal experts told The Washington Post that DA Bragg’s case would face significant hurdles if an indictment is brought forward given that Bragg would be prosecuting a former president, he would be relying upon the testimony of a man who was convicted of lying to Congress, and, as a local prosecutor, would be bringing state-level charges on a federal election law issue against the current Republican frontrunner for the highest federal office.

Even left-leaning lawyers are nervous about Bragg’s prospects. Washington Post associate editor and Harvard-trained lawyer Ruth Marcus recently wrote that she is “nervous” about Bragg’s case against Trump “is not easy” given that it attempts to turn a federal case into a state prosecution. Marcus concluded her piece by arguing that Trump is a “wounded” king but that an indictment would be difficult, adding that she hopes Bragg “knows what he’s doing” by bringing such a problematic case.

The efforts by DA Bragg show that he, and other prosecutors like him, are looking desperately for a crime. They are doing everything they can to pin down President Trump to prevent their greatest nightmare from coming to fruition: another four years of Trump in the White House.

An indictment of President Trump by the Manhattan district attorney would be a shameful, last-ditch effort to stop the 45th president from campaigning for the executive in 2024. If Bragg goes forward with charging Trump, it will only bolster his support among the Republican Party as recent polling, as previously reported by the DC Enquirer, has shown Trump gaining in nearly every poll.

The Democrats are grasping at straws. Bragg’s case is weak at best and President Trump is favored to win a second term in 2024 even as they try to stop him.

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