Christian Actor Kirk Cameron: Our Kids Must Be Protected, That Means ‘Not Allowing Cross-Dressing Men to Tell Our Children Stories’

Well-known actor and Christian activist Kirk Cameron told Breitbart News Daily during a Thursday podcast with Alex Marlow that the moral future of America is dependent upon protecting children from “cross-dressing men,” who seek to indoctrinate them with leftist gender and sexual ideology in the guise of “drag queen story hour.”

As reported by Breitbart, Cameron was blunt in his stark warning to the American people.

“If we want to see the future look like the kind of place we grew up in, or our grandparents grew up in, we need to start investing and planting seeds today that will grow into these future trees of liberty and blessing for our kids.”

He zeroed in on the phenomenon of so-called ‘drag queen story hours’ adding, “One of the ways we do that is by being the ones who tell them these stories, not allowing cross-dressing men to tell our children stories that lead our kids in a different direction.”

“There’s a lot at stake,” he added regarding the spread of ‘woke’ ideology, “and I want to do everything I can in the time I’ve been given to uproot as much evil that I’m able to.”

Cameron, as the author of the new book ‘As You Grow,’ has been joined the Brave Books’ Freedom Island Tour visiting cities nationwide. He is to be joined by fellow authors in the BRAVE catalog “Jack Posobiec, author of The Island of Free Ice Cream about the ills of communism, Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik, author of No More Secrets, about the importance of parents keeping lines of communication open with their children, along with Trent Talbot, and Sean Spicer,” according to Human Events.

He warned Americans not to become apathetic,

“Men love to build worlds, and you can either build good ones, or you can build bad ones. If you stay out of the game, I think you get depressed. I think that we’re made to serve people, and sitting on the couch just watching Fox News — or whatever it is — crying in your Chick-fil-A soup, waiting for somebody else to rescue you is not a good plan.”

“Come to these events,” Cameron called upon the audience. “Start your own Brave Story Hour. Do something. Go to a board meeting. Read their stories to your children. Pray. Get involved, because the good guys win, the bad guys lose, every time.”

He added, “You’ve just got to stick around long enough to see the end of the story, and God is still writing our story here in America.”


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