Biden Can't Beat Trump: RFK Jr. SLAMS DNC For Not Hosting Debates, Says Biden's Campaign Strategy Will Lead To His Defeat

Robert Kennedy Jr., son of Robert Kennedy, the brother of President John F. Kennedy, announced his bid for president not long ago. Since announcing, he has gained much attention from the media due to his interesting and sometimes unpopular opinions. RFK joined 'The Faulkner Focus' on Friday to discuss his platform and why he should be the Democrat nominee over current President Joe Biden. 

When asked why the current US President has no desire to debate him, RFK responded by saying, "Well, I think his poll numbers are very high right now, and I think he would rather not debate any of his opponents right now," making it clear that the president's current strategy seems to be one of avoidance. 

RFK went on to explain that Biden (and his current campaign strategy) doesn't stand a chance against likely Republican nominee Donald Trump. "I think it's important to do a debate now, particularly because he will have to debate his Republican opponent. If that's Donald Trump, Donald Trump has shown his acumen at debate, and the President is really going to have to be on his toes."

He continued to explain the absurdity of Biden's campaign strategy by saying, "Staying in the White House and not really being out on the campaign trail is like asking a prize fighter to prepare for the big bout by sitting on the couch and eating chick-fil-a." 

"He needs to be on his toes if he is going to beat the Republican," he continued. While RFK's description of Biden's current campaign may be hilarious, concern over the current president's ability to run for re-election continues to be a growing conversation. Especially as clips of Biden falling down randomly or bumbling his words continue to be captured. 

Just recently, a new video of Biden falling gained traction on Twitter. At the Air Force Academy graduation, Biden took a nasty and seemingly unprovoked fall on stage. The clip went viral, drawing the concern of many Americans. 
When asked about the fall, RFK responded, "It's an issue that people should be concerned with."

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