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Justice Clarence Thomas is an absolute gem of a man and a treasure to our Republic. During his storied career, the Justice has sought to interpret and defend the Constitution every step of the way. He has never been afraid of the lying Left — especially not Joe Biden, who he expertly owned during his confirmation hearings.

One could say Thomas is a man of one document — our formularies. Indeed, unlike the judicial activists in our court, he understands the meaning of the constitution. Justice Thomas knows meaning is fixed and sure, not ebbing and flowing to the pace of every liberal pipedream.

That’s why liberals attack him. Of course, they might excuse themselves by saying they are attacking the political opinions of his wife, or rather a supposed lack of judicial indifferentism — as if any of their judges exercise indifference in their judicial dealings.

But we all know what is really happening. Justice Thomas is a lighthouse shining the best way forward for our country. And the Left labels him a racist for that. Indeed, that’s why many on the Left have questioned his independence.

As we reported earlier this year, here is what ‘The View’ host Joy Behar said about him:

“I think. Clarence Thomas, a black guy, a black man, a justice — I’ll give it to him, he’s a smart guy — but he is to the right of Attila the Hun! They put him in there thinking, ‘well, a black man will go against voting rights!’ — which is what he does! It is a very tricky business that they are pulling over there if you think about it.”

And that’s not the only egregious take we have seen. As we reported earlier this year, here is what the Washington Post said about Justice Thomas:

That’s an atrocious take, unworthy of publication. And Justice Thomas knows that. That’s why he absolutely eviscerated the Left in a recent interview. Thomas interviews are rare, but when they come out, they command our attention. Here is what he said, with a hearty laugh, might I add

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“One of the things I say in response to the media is when they talk about, especially early on, the way I did my job. I say I will absolutely leave the Court when I do my job as poorly as you do yours. And that was meant as a compliment, really… It really is good to be me, it really is.”

That was an absolute knockout punch to the mainstream media. He knows they are not trustworthy. And he cares enough about our Democracy not to listen to them. We wish more judges were like Justice Thomas in that respect.

Here is the video: