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The Motion Picture Academy Awards of 2022, better known as the Oscars are in, and thus the snub cameth. ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ the compelling conclusion to the saga of U.S. Navy Captain Todd ‘Maverick’ Marshall portrayed by Tom Cruise after over twenty years raked in nearly $1.5 billion in box office sales and some have speculated, saved the movie theater industry after the devastation of COVID-19 lockdowns.

But despite six Oscar nominations, including one for Best Picture, the film that arguably brought America back to the theaters won ‘Best Sound,’ out of the six nominations.

As David Hookstead writing for Outkick put it, “‘Top Gun: Maverick’ winning Best Picture would signal Hollywood actually understands what people want. Viewers want a great time and not some woke lecture from millionaire elitists.” But alas, that isn’t what happened.


‘Everything, Everywhere, All At Once’ instead took home the coveted ‘Best Picture,’ as one of its seven out of eleven nominations. The film starring Michelle Yeodh also received; Best Actress, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress.

While it was quite likely a solid movie, it clearly wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea here in the U.S. According to Box Office Mojo, it landed in 27th place with a total gross of just over $73 million between ‘Morbius’ and ‘Ticket to Paradise.’

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Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire tweeted, “Perhaps the worst Best Picture winner in the history of the Academy Awards. A tedious and pointless movie. Mildly amusing at certain points, but that’s the absolute best thing that can be said about it.”

‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ like its predecessor, was billed as a loud, bombastic, heroic, patriotic, and undeniably American adventure that left the politics, identitarian culture wars, race, gender, and everything else that turns mankind mad in the parking lot. It was, according to many, a popcorn munchin’, pass the milk duds’, ‘no… I’ll hold it until it’s over’ thrill ride.

Without a doubt, the American people responded, resoundingly with approval and excitement. This was a clearly triumphant moment for Cruise and should’ve been on the Oscar stage as well, but it wasn’t.

It’s the same old, same old, film that enamors American audiences and is passed over for one with more global sensibilities. A film that is a love song to the United States and our military is eschewed for an ensemble cast that’ll play well in BeijingShanghai, and Hong Kong.

This should also be a great moment for Yeoh and the crew of ‘Everything, Everywhere. All At Once,’ but it is cheapened by the fact that we’ll never truly know: Did they win on the film’s merits or so we wouldn’t hear about “#OscarsSoWhite” again?

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