Chicago Mayor Attempts To Pin Blame On Failing City On Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Calls Him 'Wicked' For Sending Migrants To Sanctuary City

Newly-appointed Mayor of Chicago Brandon Johnson (D) recently visited with illegal aliens in Chicago and attempted to claim that Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) was “wicked” for busing the migrants into the sanctuary city. 

Mayor Johnson took to visiting these immigrants immediately upon taking office. Per WEBZ Chicago, Johnson visited the illegals on Tuesday at the 12th District Police station where the border-crossers had been sleeping on the station's floor.

The Chicago mayor aimed his criticism at politicians during his visit, stating that they “are using the lives of individuals as a way to score some political points with a certain segment of the population in this country.” The statement was a clear jab at Texas Governor Abbott, who has been sending illegal migrants to the Illinois city since the middle of 2022. 

Johnson isn’t the only one in Chicago unhappy about the situation, with the residents being up in arms over the decisions on how they are housing the migrants, as previously reported by the DC Enquirer. Residents of the South Shore community recently took to a city meeting to protest the decision to house the migrants in an abandoned school in the area, drawing concerns about siphoning from the already limited resources the residents have. 

Pro-open border Johnson’s comments seem odd, since at his first address as mayor he was more than happy to advocate for the migrants occupying Chicago. “We don’t want our story to be told that we were unable to house the unhoused or provide safe harbor for those who are seeking refuge here because enough room for everyone in the city of Chicago, whether you are seeking asylum or you are looking for a fully funded neighborhood,” he stated, as reported by the DC Enquirer.

A notably unmentioned name in Johnson’s criticism was Biden and his administration, never once blaming the man responsible for the open border policy that has overwhelmed the city. The Windy City mayor was more than happy to refer to Gov. Abbott as “wicked” and “unconscionable” but seemed to hold any possible criticism for the Democrat president.

Johnson remains adamant that the city has the resources and the ability to house the migrants. “We can do both, and I am committed, and I’m confident that there’s an entire coalition of individuals that are committed to having these conversations,” Johnson claimed. “It’s no secret that the Black community in this city has suffered under austerity budgets that have caused true economic disparity, and we are in a position now to bring communities together, and we have to do both.”

The new mayor seems to already be getting a rocky start to his term, though former Mayor Lightfoot certainly didn’t do much in terms of leaving him a good city to take over. 

  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images / Getty Images
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