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Biden’s abysmal polling numbers are no surprise and often seem like a broken record every time they reach the headlines. Despite this, the polls have Democrat strategists and candidates in a frenzy as they worry about the fallout from Biden’s performance affecting the midterm results.

Unsurprisingly, only 40% of those who participated in an NBS News Poll approve of Biden’s handling of the presidency. Only 16% strongly approve of Biden whereas 42% strongly disapprove.

Biden has been reaching levels of disapproval on par with President Trump, despite having nearly every institution propping him up and defending his gaffes. This is reflected in the polls again when participants were asked if the nation is headed in the right direction. Twenty-two percent believe the nation is on the right track and a massive 71% believe it is off on the wrong track.

Interestingly, inflation has been on a near-constant upward hike since Biden took office, yet only 38% blame the president for the increase.

According to comments obtained by The Hill, Jim Kessler, executive vice president for policy at the Democratic think tank Third Way, expresses that he is unsurprised by the polling numbers.

“I’m not shocked at all by the numbers because they look exactly what normal looks like,” Kessler said. “The question is, given a lot of the good news in the country — the jobs numbers, businesses opening, the masks are off, the Russians are in full panic, America is astride the top of the world — can we do better? Can we do better than normal? And I think the disappointment right now is we’re not.”

It is unclear whether Kessler is seeing a different reality than the rest of the nation, but a large portion of Americans would likely agree that there has been very little good news for the nation and Biden’s presidency. The polls that are not specific to Joe Biden are in direct opposition to the idea that Americans are experiencing positive events.

On the topic of gas prices, the White House communication director told reporters, “What the president is doing is using every tool available to him to bring prices down for the American people at the pump.” And yet the Keystone XL pipeline remains canceled, and viable leases remain elusive under the administration – among a host of other actions that have impacted the pump.

According to The Hill, “Administration officials have tried to put the blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin for high gas prices — referring to it as ‘Putin’s price hike.’ Biden on Friday said Putin’s war was causing global spikes in food prices as well.”

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“But even some in the Biden administration acknowledge the message is not resonating as much as they’d like. “

“‘For whatever reason, the messaging hasn’t gotten through,’ one administration official acknowledged. ‘At times it feels like we’re spinning our wheels.’”

Perhaps the reason that the administration’s wheels are spinning is that Americans are not falling for the lies produced by a demented 79-year old’s administration. Joe decided to curtail domestic energy production by limiting leases, increasing the difficulty to obtain them, and shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, not Vladimir Putin.

Gas prices have increased 12 out of 14 months since Biden has been in office. It is either willfully ignorant or purposely misleading to maintain that gas prices have been on the rise solely because of Putin.

No matter how hard Democrats try to cover for Biden, facts about the reality of the situation will always surface. Biden and the Democrats have done a poor job in the past year and no number of lies can mitigate the effect felt in every American’s home as a result of the failed leadership.