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In one of the latest episodes of “Candace” on the Daily Wire, Candace Owens asked Kyle Rittenhouse about what he thought of Joe Biden comparing Kyle to white supremacists in a campaign advertisement.

Kyle said, “It was just completely false, and he was wrong.”

Candace then segued into other instances of important figures slandering Kyle’s reputation. She brought up celebrities like Lebron James who questioned whether Kyle was actually crying during the trial.

Other celebrities on Twitter, like Colin Kaepernick, directly attacked Kyle’s character. After the end of the trial, Kaepernick called Kyle a “white supremacist” who committed “terrorist attacks.”

Candace asked, “Are you going to allow all these celebrities to have gotten away with that [defamation]?”

Kyle responded, “There’s going to be some accountability, Candace.”

You can watch a short clip of the interview here:

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