CNN Commentator Admits Black Community Worse Off Under Biden Presidency

CNN commentator Van Jones admitted on Wednesday that “the pain is more intense” for black Americans since President Joe Biden took office, during an appearance on “New Day.”

“The rise in gas prices, food prices – it has really walloped the black community in a particular way, but the hopes were so much higher,” he said.

The former adviser to Barack Obama added, “So you have a community that came out in huge numbers in 2018 and huge numbers in 2020 expecting things to get a lot better. Instead, economically at least, it didn’t come true — it got worse.”

Jones called this current period a “summer now of real heartbreak with black voters,” adding that “Biden has to take it very seriously,” or risk another midterm setback that could stop the Democrat agenda dead in its tracks.

His comments come as a new CNN poll found only 57 percent of black Americans approve of Biden’s job performance which is historically, much lower than his Democrat predecessors, according to Gallup.


Despite low approval ratings from a key voting bloc of the Democratic Party, Jones argued for Biden’s positive achievements and said the aforementioned low points are due to a lack of communication, rather than complete incompetence.

He highlighted funding for black colleges, the nomination of black judges to the federal appellate courts, and the Justice Department “going after police departments and fixing police departments,” as victories for the administration.

“[Democrats] need to be spending a lot of money on black radio, a lot of money on black media to point out the fact that Joe Biden is there for the black community and is doing stuff,” Jones stated. “Right now that particular pain is not being addressed aggressively enough.”

As Biden continues to mishandle, or outright ignore, almost every major issue facing the country — it’s no surprise a voting bloc once thought to be solidly Democrat is now starting to slip into GOP hands, as Republicans make inroads into minority communities, at rates not seen since former President Donald Trump was in the White House.

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