Florida Congressman Files Bill Allowing States To Take Matters Into Their Own Hands By Securing Their Own Borders

Florida Congressman Bill Posey has introduced the Immigration Enforcement Partnership Act of 2022 that would give states the ability to greater enforce immigration policies when the federal government fails to do so.

Posey and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced the bill following the Biden administration’s decision to terminate Title 42 – a COVID-era act used to expel immigrants based on health concerns.

In an official statement by Posey, “Maintaining operational control over our nation’s borders is critical to our security and our ability to stop human traffickers, drug smugglers and other violent criminals and terrorists who mean to do our communities harm.” 

He continues, “When the federal government abdicates its role in protecting our nation’s borders and refuses to enforce immigration laws, allowing millions of people to illegally cross into our country, states should have authority to protect their citizens.”

Moody also released a statement:

“In less than a year and a half, the Biden administration has obliterated our southwest border and it’s about to get even worse as the President prepares to end Title 42. We can no longer trust this administration to enforce the law. It is time for swift action to protect the American people. That is why Representative Posey and I are taking this matter to Congress and asking the legislative branch to let the states protect our citizens by enforcing public-safety immigration laws when Biden won’t.”

The bill allows attorney generals to file a request to the Secretary of Homeland Security to fulfill their duties under Title II of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The duties of the DHS include the arrest, detention, and removal of criminal and arriving aliens. Upon receiving the request, the Secretary of Homeland Security may either ensure that the duties are fulfilled by DHS officers and/or employees or authorize state officials to enforce the federal immigration laws. 

If the DHS further refuses to complete either action within 30 days, then the relevant attorney general may file a civil action in order to have the DHS fulfill its duties.

This bill could be a big win for conservative states who wish to control immigration. Immigration numbers under the Biden administration have spiraled out of control.

The number of Southwest border encounters for the fiscal year continues at a record-making pace and the removal of Title 42 is sure to exacerbate the numbers. This fiscal year alone, 800,000 total encounters have been reported by Customs and Border Patrol with 7 months left to break the record.

The 2021 fiscal year total reached a massive 1.7 million encounters. The Biden Administration and Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, have outright refused to control the border situation and their actions are beyond criminal.

A nation cannot exist without borders and puppet Biden and his lackeys seem to be committed to enshrining the border crisis as the norm.

Instead of protecting our borders, Biden is forcing states to take extreme actions in order to pick up the slack and defend the borders themselves. The states should not have to shoulder the responsibility because the federal government failed at one of the most fundamental purposes of a government.

Democrats keep on digging a hole as they refuse to support measures to control the border. The Democrats may see the consequences of their actions come November when the midterms do not go their way.

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