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Republicans are in a great position to do very well in 2022. They have inherited a failing and unpopular Biden Presidency — qualified by low public morale, the continued reality of the COVID-19 virus, and a collapsing economy. As we reported last week, approximately half of Americans favor impeaching the current President. The Afghanistan withdrawal made America a laughingstock on the world stage — forever staining our record overseas. Biden’s reputation went the way of Afghanistan, destroying a popular American Presidency. Afghanistan finally lifted the scales from the eyes of the American people. Anything short of a complete turnaround will produce bad results for the Democrats in 2022. If the Republicans do not clean up on every level imaginable, 2022 will be an utter disappointment.

Fortunately, many pundits are predicting a Red Wave for the party of Lincoln. Ryan James Girdusky is a writer for the National Populist Newsletter. He recently wrote a very compelling piece, where he argues for a red wave corresponding nicely with the 2010 Midterm elections under President Barrack Obama. Those midterms, it must be remembered, signaled the most significant swing for the Republicans in over 70 years to that point. Could we get another swing of 2010 proportions 12 years later?

Girdusky thinks yes, and not just in terms of the national races. State Senate and House races are also of interest — since national politics are downstream of state politics. In 2010, Girdusky notes that:

“Everyone remembers what happened, the GOP picked up their most significant gains in a single election since 1938 and retook the majority plus six Senate seats. Less remembered is that Democrats down-ballot lost 680 state legislative seats and realigned the countries politics.

Before 2010, several states that consistently voted Republican for President were still controlled by Democrats locally, including parts of the Midwest, Deep South, and the Prairie States. The Obama White House years forever changed that…

As of February 1st, Democrats have 174 fewer State Senate seats and 582 fewer State House/Assembly seats than in 2009.”

Thus, 2010, riding on the coattails of the Tea Party movement, signified a decisive Republican Victory. Why should we expect 2022 to go the same way, this time on the coattails of the MAGA movement?

Girdusky gives us a surprising answer:

“With Republicans surging in early polls and given the giant swings in both the Virginia and New Jersey’s elections, it’s pretty safe odds that we’re looking at a Red Wave this November that will flip both the House and Senate as well as 150 to 200 state legislative sweep. Still, the more important question is, ‘could it be more than that?’

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Many political analysts, including myself, have said we’re in the midst of a new realignment of working-class voters…

We saw Trump improve with white-working class voters in 2016 and with Hispanics in 2020. Governor Youngkin even made further inroads with rural whites in Western Virginia, some rural black areas in Southeast Virginia, and some Hispanic and Asian precincts in Northern Virginia…

If Republicans can close the gap with Hispanics by 10 points and Democrats see the floor with white-working class voters decline by another 5 to 10 points, we could easily see the number of state legislative seats flipping parties, double.”

The realignment is beginning. If Republicans are smart, they will clean up the big league. 2022 is the beginning of a new morning in America.