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You can justly attack Elon Musk for many things. He has a history of supporting liberal politicians. For example, he was a staunch advocate of the infamous Barack Obama — one of our worst Presidents. Socially, he is not a conservative — there are reports that Tesla is paying for its employees to have out-of-state abortions. Indeed, his personal back story is itself somewhat hazy — he did date Amber Heard, for instance.

But one thing you cannot attack in Mr. Musk is his taste in food products. Indeed, what he chooses to put in his body is his choice — to quote the Democrat mantra. How could anyone attack the dieting decisions of another person, let alone dieting decisions that, prima facie, have produced no significant health challenges? Let Elon eat!

Nonetheless, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (or PETA) disagrees that he has such bodily autonomy. They want humans to move past carnivorous diets, and diets based on animal byproducts. Elon Musk is someone who has not moved away from animal byproducts. While he has toyed with a vegetarian diet in the past, he is decidedly not a vegetarian. Moreover, contrary to a great deal of public opinion, he does not believe veganism would halt climate change:

As such, he is the target of PETA’s unending ire. He challenges their rhetoric and generates their fury. And we cannot stress this enough; their anger is perpetual.

After Elon Musk keyed us into a snack he enjoyed on Monday, PETA went on the offensive:

This should tell us something very important: liberal activist groups want to cancel everyone who crosses their path. There is no forgiveness on the left. Truly, they have given up on the power of the Cross some time ago.  Elon’s past support for liberal policies, and his role in the fight against climate change do not move the needle. They want blood, pain, and misery, a world without end.

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They can and must eat their own, no matter the cost. So much for animal cruelty when it comes to punishing rational animals — human beings!  And we will keep being punished by the Left if we do not act politically. 2022 needs to be the start, not just of a political revolution, but even still, a moral and cultural revolution of the highest order. Politics is downstream of culture, and a good culture produces good politics.