Anti-CRT, Pro-America Candidates SWEEP Texas School Board Elections

Critical Race Theory is a dangerous and destructive ideology that hurts our children. We cannot stand by idly as Democrats and anti-America liberals ransack our sacred institutions — yes, even our schools. America is much too valuable of a thing to waste. And luckily for our country, there are America First Patriots ready at-bat, sure to rock the world as we know it. And they are winning big league!

For context, CRT is a racist, anti-white ideology. It groups people into classes and pays no heed to individual responsibility. Now, individual responsibility is perhaps the most liberal value imaginable — it is one of the chief rights, the derivative of the right to life.

But the Left is anything but liberal. They are Democrats, wedded to their party line, and unable to respect the political freedoms and privileges all races are afforded in 2022. Less than 6 years ago, our President was a black man. Currently, our Vice President is of black and Indian descent. These are not outliers; they are the new norms.

America is not a racist country, and to teach otherwise, is to lie to the American people. We deserve better, and fortunately for us, we are getting better all the time. 2022 and 2024 will show us that America is not done fighting.

School boards have been at the center of CRT controversy. In the past, conservatives have ignored the school board and could have lost an entire generation of children. But now conservatives are taking back their places in these treasured institutions. On Saturday, conservatives won ten seats in a series of coveted school board elections in Tarrant County, Texas.  This North Texas county includes the Grapevine-Colleyville, Keller, Mansfield and Carroll school districts.  There is a significant precedent for this win. Texas legislated new Anti-CRT classroom bills last December, and the issue has been fresh on the minds of voters everywhere.  As the Texas Tribune reports:

“The candidates’ sweep shows a large swath of voters across the county responded to their calls to eradicate so-called critical race theory from classrooms and remove books discussing LGBTQ issues, which concerned parents have described as “pornographic.” 

Education experts, school administrators, and teachers all say that critical race theory, a university-level concept that examines the institutional legacies of racism, is not taught in elementary, middle, or high school classrooms.”

This is great news. Conservatives are winning and the next generation may be defined by our values. But that’s not the end goal. We want to give power back to the people to who it belongs — the parents — regardless of their political leanings. That is the way forward for America — the way of freedom.

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