UNBELIEVABLE: The Biden Admin Is Using YOUR Money To Secretly Fly Illegals Across The Country, Lost Track Of 47,000 Migrants

The Biden Administration’s performance on immigration has been a disaster since the start of his term. Since Biden took office, illegal immigration has skyrocketed at uncontrollable rates and CBP and ICE have not been able to properly keep up.

In December 2020, 75,000 migrants crossed the southern border. In December 2021, 180,000 migrants crossed our southern border, dwarfing the December 2020 numbers.

To no one’s surprise, border control facilities, ICE, and DHS staff have been unable to keep track of the influx of migrants crossing the border. In an attempt to ease the overflow of border facilities, migrants were to install a tracking app on their phones and or install an ankle monitor so that ICE or the respective immigration court system could notify them to report to the court on their assigned date.

This method, although easing the overflowing of border facilities and cutting down on paperwork, has led to the DHS losing track of 47,000 migrants who were supposed to report in.

This represents a complete failure of the federal government to prioritize the protection and welfare of its own citizens. To make matters worse, the migrants were allowed to travel into the interior of the nation after crossing the border.

In the last year, a constant flow of images and videos displaying white and silver buses dropping off migrants within United States borders has been leaked to the press and posted on social media. Brownsville, McAllen, San Antonio, Dallas, and other major Texas cities have all had buses full of migrants unload within their jurisdiction.

To make matters even more concerning, a recently leaked video displays childless migrant men exiting a contractor aircraft in suburban New York.

The security and contractors present at the time appeared baffled and understandably upset to see what the federal government was funding using American tax dollars.

Americans should be questioning why the Biden Administration is allowing so many migrants to cross the border despite their incessant COVID fearmongering. To add to the skepticism, Americans should also be upset that the government is actively moving non-citizens to the interior of our nation in the dead of night and in complete secrecy.

This should be a red flag to all Americans that the Biden Administration has no intention of securing our southern border and has instead decided to weaponize immigration against the American people.

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