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Connor Cavanaugh

Connor Cavanaugh is currently a student at the University of North Texas studying Political Science. Connor has lived in Texas for the majority of his life and is a proud conservative.

GRAPHIC VIDEO: St. Louis Man Kills Mother And Daughter With Vehicle, Released Next Day On Bail
A 22-year-old man is out on bail just days after being charged with two counts of manslaughter and armed criminal action for speeding through a red light, striking and killing a mother and daughter. The two were on their way home from a Drake concert when their lives were tragically cut short. Read More
Tom Cotton Demands 'Fearful' Biden Must Respond With 'Massive Retaliation' Against Iran
Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) is fed up with the lack of response by the Biden administration against Iran after their continued attacks against American troops and military equipment, calling on Sunday for a "massive retaliation" that will bring it to an end. Cotton has labeled the Biden admin as "fearful" due to their continued lack of action over the growing issue.  Read More
NYC Residents Furious After Thanksgiving Meals Given To Illegal Migrants First As New Yorkers Go Hungry
New York City residents are wondering why they're left to "take the butt of everything" as illegal aliens were served Thanksgiving dinners at local food banks instead of the city's low-income residents. The migrant managed to beat the residents in getting in line, arriving before the time that was told to the city's residents.  Read More
Senator Fetterman Claims That Congress Doesn't Have The 'Best And Brightest'
The 'best and brightest' Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) criticized his fellow members of Congress Wednesday night, claiming that the country is failing to send its “best and brightest” to serve in the legislative branch of the country. Read More
Marketing Company Behind Dylan Mulvaney Partnership Lays Off 20 Percent Of Workforce In 'Reorganization' Effort
The advertisement firm responsible for the disastrous team-up between Bud Light and transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney has fired numerous top executives in a major restructuring attempt that many are linking to their new infamy.  Read More
Trump Turns The Tables On 'Racist & Incompetent' Judge That Undervalued Mar-a-Lago Estate
On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump took to Truth Social to continue lashing out against the ongoing New York fraud trial taking place this week. The leading Republican candidate continued to disagree with the extremely low evaluation of his Mar-a-Lago estate, standing firm that he is “WORTH FAR MORE than the numbers put down on the Financial Statements.” Read More
Tennessee Family Faces Deportation After 15 Years In America While Biden Welcomes In Millions Of Illegal Immigrants
The Biden administration seems to prefer illegal immigrants flooding the southern border to immigrants that have attempted to go through the proper legal routes to put their roots down as a Tennessee family who immigrated from Germany is facing deportation after 15 years of residing in the United States.  Read More
Gavin Newsom Taking Orders From Biden, Will Attend Second GOP Debate
Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) is expected to attend the Republican presidential debate this Wednesday at the direct request of the Biden administration in hopes of showing off Bidenomics to potential Republican voters. Read More
Democrat Corruption: Sen. Menendez Responds After Reportedly Taking More Than $710,000 In Bribes Including Gold Bars, Luxury Cars
Disgraced Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) has been found to have been given cash, gold bars, a Mercedes Benz, and more totaling over $710,000 after an investigation into potential bribes was conducted and his safety deposit box was searched. Read More
Greg Abbott Has Two Words For Liberal Mayors Complaining About More Migrant Buses: 'Gear Up'
On Friday, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) warned mayors of sanctuary cities that they need to “gear up” as he announced that there would be even more buses of migrants being sent to them despite their pleas from the federal government for it to stop.  Read More
Texas A&M Campus Sees Huge Christian Revival Event With Over 120 Baptisms
The Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi campus saw a massive Christian revival that had over 1,000 students in attendance and baptized over 120 of those.  Read More
Trump BLASTS Biden For Two-Faced Handling Of Autoworkers Strike - 'Crooked Joe Sold Them Down The River'
On Saturday, Donald Trump called out President Joe Biden for his two-faced behavior when dealing with the auto workers strike, noting how the aging president only decided to visit them after Trump announced he would. He also called out the Democrats for selling the car companies on the “Electric Car Hoax” which has put them in such a tight situation.  Read More
Gavin Newsom Defies Fellow Leftists Sparking Democrat Infighting On Transgender Affirmation In Court - The 'Veto Is A Tragedy'
Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) made the surprise decision on Friday to go against his fellow Democrats and veto AB 957, a bill that would require courts to consider if a parent is affirming a child’s gender identity when deciding custody.  Read More
Judge Gives Hunter Biden TERRIBLE News In Latest Ruling - 'This Defendant Should Be Treated No Differently'
Even the influence of Joe Biden can’t get everything to work out for his son Hunter as Magistrate Judge Christopher J. Burke denied a request from the younger Biden’s legal team on Wednesday that he be allowed to appear virtually for his arraignment on his felony gun charges. Read More
WATCH: #1MillionMarch4Children Trends As MASSIVE Anti-Grooming Protest Sweeps Through Canada
This week is seeing a massive anti-grooming protest take place in Canada as concerned parents flood the streets to speak out against the transgender ideology that is being taught in public schools.  Read More

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