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Connor Cavanaugh

Connor Cavanaugh is currently a student at the University of North Texas studying Political Science. Connor has lived in Texas for the majority of his life and is a proud conservative.

Second Amendment Victory: DeSantis Takes A Stand Against 'Anti-Gun Wall Street' With Latest Legislation To Protect Floridians' Rights
On Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) signed major legislation that would ban credit card companies from being able to track consumers' purchases of guns and gun-related products.  Read More
BREAKING: Texas Legislature BANS Sex Altering Procedures For Minors, Bill Heads To Governor Abbott's Desk
The Texas Senate has officially approved Senate Bill 14, which would ban minors from receiving sex-altering treatments like sex reassignment surgery and hormone blockers.  Read More
Trump Boasts Of His Success On CNN, Calls Out Triggered Leftists Attacking Him
Donald Trump has been ecstatic since his ‘Town Hall’ on CNN, taking to his social media to speak about the astounding results of the program.  Read More
The Border Must Be 'Impervious': RFK Jr. Takes Strong Stance On Border Security With End Of Title 42, BLASTS Biden For Failing Americans
On Thursday, Democrat presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. stated that he would “make the border impervious” if he was elected to office. He makes the statement as Biden allows control of the border to slip as Title 42 expires.  Read More
GOP Rep. SLAMS Disney For Bowing To China After Company Cancelled Meeting With Uyghur Muslim Advocates Speaking Out For Human Rights
On Thursday, Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) bashed the Walt Disney Company for pulling out of their plans to meet with a group of Uyghur advocates, the same group that was being held in internment camps where they filmed ‘Mulan.’ Read More
Disney Stock PLUNGES, Streaming Sees Hundreds Of Thousands Flee As Company Continues Pushing A Woke LGBTQ Agenda
Disney+ has witnessed massive drops in subscriptions as the company itself sees a notable decline in its stock. Many believe the massive decline in both stock price and subscribers can be attributed to the LGBTQ agenda that has been pushed by the company as of late.  Read More
WATCH: Chicago Community Furious Over Proposed Plan To House Migrants In Their Community As City Is Overwhelmed
Last Thursday, Chicago city residents were up in arms over the mass amounts of migrants being brought into the city, with citizens complaining about putting migrants' importance over the residents of the city.  Watch
With Title 42 Expiring At Midnight, DeSantis' Attorney General Takes Last Minute Legal Action Against Biden Administration
With the looming expiration of Title 42, Florida's Attorney General Ashley Moody is filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration seeking a temporary restraining order to stop the masses of migrants from pouring into the state. Read More
Biden DHS Secretary Mayorkas Claims The Needs Of Americans Comes Second To Migrants – 'The Contributions Of Immigrants Is Quite Clear'
On Wednesday, Joe Biden’s border chief Alejandro Mayorkas was asked about the economic dangers that US citizens would be facing from the massive influx of migrants being allowed into the country, to which he replied that America is a “Nation of Immigrants.” Read More
'We Are Literally Considering Everything': New York City Could Close Major Streets To House Migrants As End Of Title 42 Overwhelms City
In New York City's desperate attempt to quell the migrant masses that have been pouring into the city, officials have begun to even consider housing migrants in large sections of closed-off streets. Read More
'Only Real Milk Is Real' – Vegans FREAK OUT Over Hilarious New Milk Commercial With Aubrey Plaza
Leftists are crying over a new commercial featuring Aubrey Plaza where she mocks plant-based milk, stating that only “Only real milk is real.” Read More
Democrat Strategists Showing Major Concern At Trump's Likely Victory – 'Be Very F*cking Worried'
Democratic strategists are beginning to prop up the idea of Donald Trump beating incumbent President Joe Biden in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. Read More
Tucker Carlson Once Again Shatters The Internet, Show Announcement Gets Over 120 MILLION Views – 'We're Back'
Tucker Carlson has once again broke the internet with his newest Twitter video discussing his plans to make a “new version” of his popular Fox News show, 'Tucker Carlson Tonight', with the video generating 22.9 million views within the first 24 hours of being uploaded.  Read More
'Incredibly Spotty': Reviews For Woke Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' Are Looking To Disappoint Fans In Major Ways
The initial reviews for Disney’s remake of ‘The Little Mermaid’ have come out, and to very few people's surprise, they’re not that positive.  Read More
Don't Go Broke Trying To Go Woke: Berkshire Hathaway Board SMASHES Down Woke ESG Proposals At Shareholder Meeting
Berkshire Hathaway held a shareholders meeting on Saturday where they rejected six proposals put forth by billionaire Warren Buffett that would address environmental, social, and governance changes.  Read More

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