Surge At Southern Border Forces NYT To Cover Billion Dollar Human Smuggling Business Despite Making Biden Look Bad

The New York Times was forced to cover a story on Sunday detailing the escalation of human trafficking operations along America’s southern border, despite the embarrassment it’s likely to cause President Joe Biden and his administration.

The article was entitled: “Smuggling Migrants at the Border Now a Billion-Dollar Business,” and detailed some of the sickening aspects of how people are treated like cattle, and forced across the border for a price. It also highlighted how businesslike and efficient these operations are becoming  — as opposed to how independent and disorganized they once were during Barack Obama’s tenure.

“Migrant smuggling on the U.S. southern border has evolved over the past 10 years from a scattered network of freelance ‘coyotes’ into a multi-billion-dollar international business controlled by organized crime, The Times piece stated. “Including some of Mexico’s most violent drug cartels.”

Over 5,046 people were arrested and charged with human smuggling last year. That’s nearly double the rate from 2014 which was 2,762, according to The NYT.

“Over the past year, federal agents have raided stash houses holding dozens of migrants on nearly a daily basis.” the newspaper explained.

In fact, in just one year, law enforcement has also rescued hundreds of migrants from human smuggling operations including, “34 migrants from two cargo containers without ventilation,” and 24 people held against their will in a stash house.

In Uvalde, Texas, where a school shooting took the lives of 21 people, local law enforcement has reportedly seen over 50 “bailout” incidents — where migrants dispersed from vehicles after law enforcement pursued them — between February and May.

“Fees typically range from $4,000 for migrants coming from Latin America, to $20,000, if they must be moved from Africa, Eastern Europe or Asia,” the story added.



The Times also broke down how cartels began constructing large-scale smuggling operations in 2019, as an increasing number of migrants wanted to enter the United States, resulting in an estimated $13 billion in revenue — according to Homeland Security Investigations.

This analysis on human trafficking comes just weeks after 53 dead migrants were found in San Antonio locked away in a semi-truck trailer, making it the deadliest human smuggling incident in American history, NBC News reported.

Now that the Gray Lady has begun to report more extensively on the crisis at the southern border, perhaps readers of the paper will be more willing to pressure their elected representatives into doing something about it.

Border Patrol run-ins with illegal immigrants at the U.S. Southern Border continue to approach record highs, with over 207,000 encounters in June alone. Among those encounters, Border Patrol also apprehended several suspected terrorists.

Biden’s policies have encouraged illegal immigrants to make for the border wall and hop the fence into the country  — with political practices that have significantly limited the number of prosecutions, amid a decade-high migration surge.

This administration’s actions, or lack thereof, have indirectly benefited the cartels by encouraging mass human smuggling across the Rio Grande.

On top of all this, border town communities have been dealing with the consequences of the White House’s decision to end the “Remain in Mexico” policy and halt border wall construction, in ways never seen before.

Hopefully, however, media outlets and local leaders that have traditionally ignored this crisis — much like New York City Mayor Eric Adams and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser who recently requested assistance to deal with these problems — are finally waking up to the reality that this cannot go unchecked forever.

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