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Matthew Holloway

Matt Holloway is a millennial, constitutional, conservative commentator, content creator, and writer in Arizona. He covers politics, faith, history, and news. Matt's work has appeared in The Daily Caller, TheBlaze, The Western Journal & IJR.

WATCH: Donald Trump To Tucker Carlson On Indictments - 'The People Get It. The People See It's A Fraud'
During his primetime interview with Tucker Carlson's Tucker On X the 45th President and 2024 Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump pushed back firmly against the Democrat's efforts to prosecute him and interfere in the 2024 election. Read More
Trump Campaign: 'President Trump Has Already Won This Evening’s Debate'
As the hours tick closer to the first Republican primary debate of the 2024 presidential race, a debate that the GOP frontrunner and 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump will decidedly not be attending, Trump campaign Senior Advisor Chris LaCivita has issued a statement to the press. LaCivita pithily stated, "President Trump has already won this evening’s debate because everything is going to be about him." Read More
WATCH: Defiant Rudy Giuliani Reports To Fulton County Jail, Issues Dire Warning - 'Trump Told You This. They Weren't Just Coming For Him Or Me'
The acclaimed former Mayor of New York City, lawyer, former U.S. Attorney, and esteemed legal scholar Rudy Giuliani dutifully appeared at the Fulton County Georgia jail for booking per an indictment on Wednesday. Read More
Hispanic Texas Democrat Switches Parties To GOP, Was 'Nervous To Be Called A Traitor' But Feels 'Very Comfortable In Switching'
Kira Sanchez, the Kleberg County Attorney in Texas, announced her party switch from Democrat to Republican in an address to the Hispanic Republicans of Texas PAC on Saturday. An HRT press release confirmed that Sanchez's decision came in response to the "unprecedented crisis at our Southern Border." Read More
Chicago-Area Woman Arrested For Threatening To Kill President Trump And His Son Barron
Tracy Marie Fiorenza, 41, was arrested by the U.S. Secret Service according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago on Monday morning and has been charged with transmitting threats to kill or injure 45th President Donald J. Trump and his youngest son Barron. Read More
'Sound of Freedom' Poised To Take Its Vital Message Worldwide Following Box Office Success
Reports making the rounds on social media have confirmed that the Angel Studios hit that shook the Hollywood establishment, 'Sound of Freedom,' is now poised to go global with releases in 68 nations scheduled, some of which are already underway. Read More
WATCH: Lahaina Resident GOES OFF After Biden's Maui Speech Backfires Horribly - ‘You Almost Lost Your Cat? Go F*** Yourself’
At a meeting of grieving families in Maui, President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. badly mishandled an attempt to comfort the residents of Lahaina where 115 people are confirmed dead with hundreds still missing. This disaster of a speech, coupled with a paltry $700 per household worth of emergency aid being sent to the island community, has triggered a massive, bitter backlash online, nationwide, and on Maui itself. Read More
Texas Smokehouse Patron Uses His Second Amendment Right, Shoots 'Violent Maniac' That Attacked Elderly Man And Himself
At Woody's Smokehouse in Centerville, Texas shots rang out during the lunch rush on August 14th. An unidentified good samaritan intervened in the brutal violent assault of an elderly man and after being attacked by the assailant himself, fired two shots at him before the attacker fled. Read More
Biden Super PAC Has $12 MILLION Discrepancy, Legal Experts Say Prison Time Could Be On The Table - It's 'Beyond Troubling'
The Biden-supporting Super PAC Future Forward should be investigated due to a "troubling" $12 million financial discrepancy in its disclosures according to a legal watchdog group following an investigative report from The Washington Free Beacon. Read More
BREAKING: Trump Announces The Date Of His Arrest In Georgia - Bond Set At $200,000
Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States and Republican frontrunner in the 2024 election has confirmed via TruthSocial that he will in fact be arrested on Thursday by Fulton County Sheriff's Deputies at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta.  Read More
WATCH: Good Samaritan Shoots Armed Robber In Store With Six-Pack In Hand - 'He Saved My Life'
On July 27th at a Marathon gas station in Cassopolis, Michigan, a man selected a six-pack of Miller Lite from the refrigerated section and made his way to the checkout stand. As he did, another man entered the convenience store, pulled a mask over his head, and pulled out a box cutter. In response, the customer drew his concealed-carry firearm and leveled his aim, without even putting down the beer. Read More
Trump's 'Agenda 47' Immigration Plan Is 'The Most Hard-Hitting Action Conceivable' With Military Action, 'Naval Blockade' Planned
GOP frontrunner and 45th President Donald J. Trump will move to implement aggressive, massively impactful immigration restrictions and border controls once elected, according to reports released Monday. Among the reforms, Trump reportedly plans to screen immigration prospects to prevent "Marxists" from entering the nation and would impose a U.S. Navy blockade on Mexico and Central America to intercept and deter drug and human smuggling. Read More
Poll: Nearly Half Of Americans Don't Trust The Justice Department's Hunter Biden Investigation - Will The DOJ Protect The Biden Family?
Nearly half of Americans polled are not confident the Department of Justice's investigation of President Joe Biden's son Hunter will be handled in a "fair and bipartisan manner," the latest survey from ABC News/Ipsos shows. Read More
Trump: Biden 'Doesn't Understand What MAGA Means,' Slams Biden For Ruining The Economy With The 'Bidenomics Bust'
During a Fox Business interview on 'Kudlow' with host Larry Kudlow, 45th President Donald J. Trump thoroughly, proverbially roasted incumbent Democrat President Joe Biden to a charred, deeply desiccated crisp over his aptly named 'Bidenomics' which has proven utterly disastrous and his total disconnect with the very notion of 'MAGA' as both a movement and a political philosophy. Read More
IRS Agent Fatally Shoots Fellow Agent At Phoenix Weapons Training Center Following Agency's Mass Armament
Reports released Friday have confirmed that an Internal Revenue Service Agent was fatally shot during a firearms training exercise in Phoenix, Arizona. The shooting occurred Thursday evening at the firing range of the Phoenix Federal Prison, a facility utilized for interagency training of regional agencies during a "routine training" according to the FBI. Read More

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