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Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson lives in Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin.

Hollywood Icon Arnold Schwarzenegger Expresses ABSURD View About Heaven In New Interview
Former California Governor and Hollywood icon Arnold Schwarzenegger called heaven a 'fantasy' this Monday as he expressed profound agnosticism about the afterlife in an interview with fellow actor Danny DeVito.  Read More
Shia LeBeouf Provides MAJOR Update About His Conversion To Catholicism
Last Wednesday, Hollywood superstar Shia LaBeouf provided a significant update concerning his conversion to Roman Catholicism. Read More
WATCH: Mike Pence Releases New Video Launching His Presidential Campaign
On Wednesday, former Vice President Mike Pence posted a video to Twitter announcing the launch of his 2024 campaign for President of the United States. Read More
Target Donated To A Group That Wants To Destroy The Military, Shut Down Mount Rushmore - A 'Symbol Of White Supremacy'
 A new report published by Fox News Digital's investigative team finds Target donated money to an organization that wants to shut down Mount Rushmore. Read More
WATCH: ESPN Personality Calls For Democrats To Nominate Someone Other Than Joe Biden
On Friday, ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith revealed his true thoughts on Joe Biden -- arguing his age disqualifies him from effectively serving as president in the year 2024.  Read More
'The World Has Changed, But The Gospel Has Not Changed': Franklin Graham Fills Stadium In Seoul 50 Years After His Father To Spread The Gospel Of Jesus Christ
On Saturday, evangelist Franklin Graham filled a stadium in Seoul, South Korea, 50 years after his father, Billy Graham, launched a crusade outreach mission there that significantly impacted the country.  Read More
WATCH: Biden Campaign In Panic Mode After Radical Progressive Enters The 2024 Race
On Monday, philosopher, public intellectual, and self-described non-Marxist socialist Cornel West announced his candidacy for the president of the United States. Watch
WATCH: Tim Scott HUMILIATES The View During Explosive Appearance
On Monday, 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) appeared on ABC's 'The View' and defended the American dream -- arguing it is for everyone no matter their race. As such, he blasted The Views' Sonny Hoston, who suggested that Tim Scott was the 'exception' in a systematically oppressive America. Read More
Sanctuary State California Launches Investigation After Unannounced Migrants Arrive In Sacramento - 'It Is Immoral And Disgusting'
On Saturday, Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and Attorney General Rob Bonta (D-CA) announced they would investigate the unannounced arrival of over a dozen migrants into the golden state.  Read More
New Survey Shows Trump DOMINATING In Florida, Leading DeSantis By 34 Percent Among Key Demographic
A recent survey published by the Sunshine Battleground Poll shows leading Republican presidential contender and 45th President Donald Trump dominating his Republican primary competition in the critical state of Florida. As a result, Trump holds a sizable lead on popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and an even more impressive lead over the rest of the Republican field. Read More
Woke Musician Lizzo Threatens To Quit Music Over Comments About Her Weight
On Wednesday, Grammy award-winning musician Lizzo threatened to quit music after a Twitter user criticized her for her weight. Read More
Classical Education Institution Vows To Replace Woke College Board With Bold Plan
On Thursday, Jeremy Wayne Tate, CEO of the Classical Learning Test (CLT), announced his intentions for the future of his company on Twitter, saying the company's end goal is to 'replace' the woke 'College Board' -- one of the most potent forces in education today. Read More
In Viral Video, Hollywood Star James Van Der Beek SLAMS The DNC, Biden For Not Debating Primary Competitors
On Monday, Hollywood star James Van Der Beek slammed the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for refusing to schedule any debates for the upcoming primary season. Read More
'Every State Is A Border State': Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin Answers The Call To Secure America's Border In Texas
On Wednesday, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) took significant action to protect our southern border, answering Texas Governor Gregg Abbott's (R-TX) plea for more aid in combatting the border crisis in his state. Resultantly, Governor Youngkin deployed 100 National Guard troops to Texas's border -- putting America first as he did so.  Read More
WATCH: MLB Star Gives In, Apologizes After Sharing Video Promoting Bud Light And Target Boycotts
On Tuesday, Toronto Blue Jays reliever Anthony Bass apologized after sharing a video to his Instagram story that advocated for boycotting Target and Bud Light. Read More

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