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Sterling Mosley

Sterling Mosley graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in Government and International Relations & Global Studies with distinction. His previous work can be found at the Daily Signal, Campus Reform, and The Texas Horn. He has worked across the conservative movement in campaigns, policy think tanks, and non-profit organizations.

Matt Gaetz Holds McCarthy's Feet To The Fire, Demands House Withhold His Pay During Government Shutdown
By: Sterling Mosley | On Tuesday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who has been heading up the fight against a continuing resolution to the frustration of Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), requested that his pay be withheld if a government shutdown took place at the beginning of October. Read More
Democrats Fall In Line, Turn On Corrupt Sen. Bob Menendez After Bribery Charges
By: Sterling Mosley | After the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York indicted Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) last week, Democrats have fallen in line and begun to call for his resignation from the upper chamber of Congress. Read More
WATCH: Joe Biden Nearly Falls Down Air Force One Stairs Despite Staff's Best Efforts
By: Sterling Mosley | On Tuesday, President Joe Biden was disembarking Air Force One when he nearly tripped and fell on the tarmac in a moment that has since gone viral online, particularly given the fact that Axios published a piece Tuesday morning highlighting the various steps White House staff have taken to ensure he doesn't fall. Read More
'This Is A Severe Crisis': Elon Musk Takes Action As Thousands Of Migrants Cross Southern Border Every Day
By: Sterling Mosley | On Monday evening, X/Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that he would be going to the US-Mexico border to see the crisis on the southern border firsthand. Read More
BREAKING: Amazon Hit With MAJOR Lawsuit That Could Transform Big Tech
By: Sterling Mosley | On Tuesday, the U.S. government filed an anti-trust lawsuit in Washington state against Amazon Inc. that could transform the online shopping industry and Big Tech in the process. Read More
WATCH: Tucker Carlson Shares His Christian Faith In POWERFUL Speech
By: Sterling Mosley | On Tuesday, former Fox News personality and current host of 'Tucker on X' posted a speech he gave at the Cleveland Celebration Gala for the Center for Christian Virtue. In his speech, Carlson shared his faith and criticized Christian leaders for not advocating on behalf of the followers of Jesus Christ around the world. Read More
WATCH: Tucker Carlson Tackles Abortion In Latest Speech - 'This Is Not A Political Debate, It's A Spiritual Battle'
By: Sterling Mosley | On Monday, former Fox News personality and current host of 'Tucker on X' posted a speech he gave at the Cleveland Celebration Gala for the Center for Christian Virtue on the upcoming abortion ballot coming to the Ohio ballot in November. Read More
Democrat Gov. Hochul Makes Desperate Decision As Thousands Overwhelm New York
By: Sterling Mosley | On Monday, Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) took action after tens of thousands of migrants have overwhelmed New York over the past few years thanks to the Biden administration's open border policies. Read More
Trump SLAMS Democrats Following Corrupt Menendez's Indictment - 'They All Knew What Was Going On'
By: Sterling Mosley | On Sunday, leading Republican presidential candidate and 45th President Donald Trump took to Truth Social to call out Senate Democrats for their silence for years on Sen. Bob Menendez's (D-NJ) corruption ultimately demanding that they resign from office. Read More
Corrupt Democrat Sen. Menendez Turns To Hunter Biden's Legal Team For Help Following Indictment
By: Sterling Mosley | Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) has hired attorneys from Hunter Biden's legal team to assist him in his defense after he was indicted by federal authorities last week for corruption and bribery. Read More
WATCH: GIGANTIC Crowd 'Bubbling With Excitement' Awaits President Trump Six Hours Ahead Of South Carolina Rally
By: Sterling Mosley | On Monday, South Carolina Trump supporters came out in droves ahead of the leading Republican presidential candidate's upcoming rally in Summerville that is set to begin at 3 PM EST. Read More
BREAKING: Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez Makes Big Announcement About His Political Future Following Corruption Charges
By: Sterling Mosley | On Monday, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) announced that he would be seeking reelection in 2024 despite the plethora of corruption and bribery charges brought against him by the Department of Justice last week. Read More
Hear It Yourself: Bizarre 911 Call With Crashed F-35 Pilot Released
By: Sterling Mosley | On Friday, the 911 call made by a South Carolina man and the F-35B pilot who ejected from the aircraft that crashed earlier this week was released to the public and its contents are bizarre, to say the least. Read More
BREAKING: Major Blue City Mayor Is Abandoning Democrats, Joining The GOP - 'American Cities Need Republicans'
By: Sterling Mosley | On Friday, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, who has been in office since 2019, announced that he would be switching his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican in a major shift for the fifth-largest city in America.  Read More
‘Waiting For Him To Drop Out’: DeSantis Gets ABYSMAL News From Florida As His 2024 Chances Look Grim - 'A Slow-Motion Coup'
By: Sterling Mosley | On Friday, a new report from POLITICO is serving as a scathing warning to Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) as his sinking poll numbers are beginning to affect his standing in the Sunshine State. Read More

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